Tuesday, November 18, 2014

THOUGHTS TUESDAY: Ivory + Beau is an Adventure

Today I'm on the blog to share some honest thoughts with you all so take it or leave it, this is just me thinking out loud, writing it down and sharing it. I don't know if its just me but do you ever feel like sometimes you get lost in the hustle and bustle of everything going on around you. Lost in those feelings of stress and anxiety. Lost in the everyday motions of what you are doing. So lost that you forget why you are doing what you are doing. So lost that you even forget that you do love what you are doing and that you are lucky that you are doing what you are doing. And that you started this journey for a reason and that was to pursue a career doing something you love every day because you have seen others before you in a career they were unhappy about. And you have seen that you don't ever want that to be you. But yet you wake up one morning and realize you are lost. Just moving forward. One day at a time. Going through the motions. Not really fully appreciating everything going on. Not appreciating that somebody else out there wishes they had the same challenges, the same struggles that you are facing. Because that would mean they have the life and the career you have. I got lost. I got stuck in the motions and forgot what it was really about. And every once in awhile it happens. Typically it occurs when I let stress overcome my life. And it is with no surprise that while I'm sitting here writing this that I have a serious sore throat and I am feeling very sick and not at all 100% and I am drinking cough syrup while drinking tea with honey and eating marshmallows since somewhere online I saw that was supposed to help? Sometimes we get lost in the motions and forget to stop, look around and just be damn grateful for where we are. And so today, I'm stopping the motion and I'm going to look back and reflect on the journey I have come. Because while I've come so far, there are so many mountains still to climb, so many adventures and so many challenges I must overcome. And its going to be hard at times, but that's okay. Because I chose this path for a reason and today I am going to reflect on that very reason and choose to keep moving regardless of the fact that I am about 89% sure I have a fever right now and I feel miserable. But it's going to be okay. And I am going to move past these struggles and come out on top with a little elbow grease and a lot of hard work. Now for a journey back in time and all the adventures to come. Hope you enjoy this little blast from the past featuring some of my favorite styled shoots and some of the seriously amazing clients we have had the pleasure of working with!!

The journey begins with Layla and overseeing everything that she did for weddings and for her believing in me enough to take me under her wing. The very first styled shoot I ever helped her with was featured on Green Wedding Shoes. For the shoot I did not have a huge role but I did get to design all the paper products, help with styling the dessert table and make a fabric garland (which I still have somewhere.... most likely in a dangerous spot tucked away up in our closet where we have a lot of recycled wedding decor in the shop). Anyway, this was the shoot that really got everything started... those creative juices and all. And after this shoot I wanted more. I wanted to keep creating, keep designing, keep coming up with new and exciting ideas to inspire brides. And that is what we did and it has been more fun and exciting than you will ever know.

So while styled editorial shoots are fun and all... there is nothing more rewarding than a happy bride and groom who are so in love with each other that they just radiate happiness. I have worked with so many different couples and this is by far the best part of my job. When on the wedding day they come to us and say how thankful and how happy they are and how much fun and awesome their wedding day was. Sure there might have been a few hiccups, but those couples who cherish every moment of their wedding day with their friends, family and loved ones because they know that this day means so much more than the flowers, the food, the music... this day means they are dedicating their lives to one another for better or for worse and they have brought the people to this wedding who they want to help them, stand by their side, and support them through their difficulties and their good times. That is the utmost important and special thing to me.

Thank you to everyone who has supported not just me but Ivory + Beau in the adventures we have had thus far. From Layla who was the beginning, to my dad who believes in us when even I don't, to Adrienna's boyfriend who fixes stuff and figures out the hard stuff, to our friends, family and all our Instagram followers who make me so excited when they write on our posts. Nothing could have brought us to where we are without every single one of you and I am excited for the adventures the future has in store for us and hope you will continue with us in our journeys. Sincerely, a super short ginger kid with a big dream.

{Photo Credits} Mint + Gold Styled Shoot, photography by Izzy Hudgins // Bohemian Teepee Shoot, photography by Teresa Earnest // Gems + Rocks, photography by Mackensey Alexander // Ethereal Woodland Bridal Editorial, photography by Mackensey Alexander // Barn Styled Shoot, photography by Allison Kuhn // Oddities, photography by Rach Lea // Botanical Styled Shoot, photography by Izzy Hudgins // Mary Rose + Ross, photography by Alison Epps // Arlette + Juan, photography by Izzy Hudgins // Amanda + AJ, photography by Life's Highlights // Kate + Zach, photography by Shannon Christopher // Liz + Josh, photography by Teresa Earnest // Shannon + Steven, photography by Izzy Hudgins // Kristen + Mike, photography by Tessa Marie // Brandy + Matthew, photography by Jade + Matthew // Maureen + Nick, photography by Once Like a Spark

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