Thursday, November 7, 2013

SIMPLY WED: Mary Rose + Ross

I don't really know where to start when talking about this wedding, so I'm just going to be pretty candid and honest on here... which is kind of really terrifying but hey, if you think badly of me for it then well, that is your opinion and I guess there's nothing I can do about it. So here goes nothing. This wedding was really special to me because it was the first where I got to really work closely with the bride on design elements. But not just that, she really trusted me with a lot of stuff, like the centerpieces and the ceremony backdrop. Those were designed by me, my business partner, and my Australian intern. Mary Rose gave me some inspiration for the ceremony backdrop but in the end she didn't really want to know what it was going to look like. She just said do it. That kind of trust is something that I never will ever take for granted. Because I know how important someone's wedding day is. It is only one day. And it goes by so quickly. And it means so much. And those pictures are forever. So when a bride can let go and put her trust in me and my team then I just don't really think words can express how grateful I am for that. Because that's why we are here. We want you to let go. We want you to have us take care of it all. And not worry about the little things. We want you to hire us because you like us and you trust us. We want you to hire us because you know we work hard and are going to do everything possible in our power to make everything go smoothly. And obviously not everything is perfect always. But we sure will try our damnedest. 

So that being said, it is such an overwhelming and humbling feeling when a bride thanks you after the wedding. And it just feels weird to me. Don't thank me. This is my job. This is what I live to do. This is what I love doing. This is my passion. And I just feel like I need to be thanking them. They are the reason that I am where I am today doing what I'm doing. And so I must thank them for so many things. For trusting us with one of the most important days. For hiring us to do this for you. For being happy with everything. For letting go. For letting us do our job the best we can. For enjoying every moment of your day without worrying. For focusing on the only thing you need to focus on during your wedding: your family, your friends, the love of your life. So there you have it. Thank you Mary Rose + Ross, your kinds word are something I never will take for granted. Your words will not make me work any less hard next time, your words will push us to continue to try and grow and improve to do even better next time. 

And just when you thought I was done and you were going to get to look at the pretty pictures well shoot I ain't finished here yet. I first must say a huge THANK YOU to Nicole Stevens, my Australian shadow. Without her there is just absolutely no way this could have been pulled off the way it was. She was by my side the entire time helping with the ceremony backdrop, helping prep and arrange flowers, helping with the day of coordination. I mean she is seriously amazing. I don't think I'll ever stop begging her to move to Savannah and work for Ivory + Beau. Well no that's not true. I'll stop begging her once she finally does move to Savannah to work for Ivory + Beau. She is a freaking rock star. And also a huge THANK YOU to Adrienna, my new business partner. Goodness gracious she is such a hard worker. She also helped with the flowers and backdrop and was just amazing. She hustled seriously when the rental company was behind in setting up and she was a lifesaver. This team made this all possible and I love them both for it. So yeah uh Nicole, I'll help you with your green card anyday... But really... how am I so lucky to have found 2 people in my life who aren't afraid of working hard, who aren't going to complain and bitch about having to work hard, even if they are just cutting fabric. Freaking rock stars that's who I got by my side. 

Now to all the awesome vendors!!!!! Alison Epps was the photographer and she is probably the sweetest most down to earth girl ever and she captured this wedding so beautifully that it took me about 4 hours to go through all the images and pick my favorites. And she even let me assist her in some backlighting, which is really just a term for being a total creeper/photo-bomber + holding a big light behind the couple while they kiss. Amazing Event Rentals set up all the rentals. Probably funniest moment ever was them trying to back the luxury restroom up to the curb. Only took them about what... 30 minutes? Cape Creations catered the event and did an amazing job! Their food is always fantastic and Cynthia is probably one of my favorites in the industry just because she's so nice and even has some good jokes. [Adrienna + I love people who tell good jokes because we love to laugh lots if you didn't notice by our silly pictures Rach Lea took...] Charlie Ganem bartended and did fabulous as always. The cupcakes were from Baker's Pride, one of the best bakeries in Savannah... and probably the nicest bakery in Savannah because they gave us free DONUTS. #bestdayever. But really... I think Adrienna, Nicole + I each ate like 5. No wait probably 7 or 9. Errr. Maria Vaughan + Jessica Duthu made all the lovely ladies look even lovelier. A to Zinnias did those beautiful bouquets with the most prettiest garden roses I did ever see. Chris Dooley, my favorite + funniest violinist ever, and Tommy Austin played the ceremony music in Pulaski Square. Coast Runners, maybe the hugest band I've ever seen, played the reception music and guests absolutely loved it. Especially the little girl who decided to provide some sweet dance moves while they played. I always love a wedding where I get to work with some of my favorite vendors!! And now I'm done so enjoy the pretties! Congratulations Mary Rose + Ross!!! 

{Vendor Credits} Photography: Alison Epps // Coordinator, Floral Centerpieces + Event Design: Ivory + Beau // Bouquets + Boutonnieres: A to Zinnias // Ceremony Location: Pulaski Square // Reception Location: Telfair Square // Hair: Maria Vaughan // Makeup: Jessica Duthu // Ceremony Music: Chris Dooley + Tommy Austin // Reception Band: Coast Runners // Caterer: Cape Creations Catering // Cupcakes: Baker's Pride // Horse Carriage: Historic Savannah Carriage Tours // Bartenders: Charlie Ganem // Rentals: Amazing Event Rentals


  1. I've seen a couple of other performances at other places, but this was my first time in here. It was amazing! Great shows, it's smaller than others I guess but it is still a fair sized fun.

  2. It is nice to looking through your post.. and pics are looking amazing..
    Thanks for posting


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