Sunday, April 5, 2015

FLOWER RECIPE: Winter Fragrant Bouquet

Today here with a new blogging post series focused on something I absolutely love... flowers. Its funny how the things we are passionate about change as we get older. When I was younger I did not really care much about flowers. When boys in high school would give me flowers I would throw them away. Now I look back and shake my head at my worthlessness as a snotty teenager. Because now I am so beyond passionate about flowers. I love them. They make me so excited. I want to be around them. I pay attention to them outside. I cherish them. They are just so wonderful. When I go a few months without getting to play with flowers I get sad and antsy. I start to miss them. I love getting to experiment with flower combinations and I love more than anything getting to make bridal bouquets that are funky, wild, creative and different from your traditional bouquet. I like unusual shaped bouquets that are fluffy with poky things coming out of every nook. That's the good stuff. So today I am here to talk about the flower recipe of this winter bouquet that was by far the most amazing smelling bouquet ever. I do not even lie for a second about that. This bouquet was made for our bride, Kathleen, who recently was married last winter to husband, Brenden, at Greene Square with the reception following at The Brice

The combination of eucalyptus + dried lavender + cedar sprigs is the perfect combination for a winter fragrant bouquet that smells heavenly. Enough said. 

{Vendor Credits} Bouquet Image: Jeff + Mollie // Bouquet & Flower Recipe: Ivory + Beau // Chair: Savannah Vintage Rentals

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