Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Dear brides,

Today I am here because I have a few requests from you. I am here to ask you a few favors and I am going to be quite honest while writing these requests and you may not like to hear them but sometimes we just need to say what we need to say because maybe what we are about to say isn't bad, or mean, but just the truth and it needs to be heard. So here goes. Today I am here because I have a few requests that are in regards to shopping for your wedding dress and so here goes.

1. Be open and say yes to new things. We are here to help. We are here to make you happy. We want so badly to make you happy. We want so badly for you to feel beautiful. We want so badly for you to love your dress. And we don't just want you to love your dress but we want you to be comfortable in it. So please be open with your consultant. Trust your consultant. She may pull a dress for you to try on that makes you stick up your nose in disgust. You may shake your head and say no way, not me, not happening. But in life there are things that come your way that you are going to initially deny. But I want you to think back to a time when you were presented with something you didn't want but you said yes. And then it was love. Maybe it was a plate full of oysters, all slimy and gooey but maybe you tried them anyway. And now one of your favorite things to do is shuck oysters on a Friday night with an ice cold beer. Maybe it was a can of coconut water which smells really weird and even has chunky weird stuff in it. But you tried it anyway and now you love it and drink it everyday and you get overly excited when its 2 for $3 on sale at Kroger. Or the best of them all, maybe it was a nerdy guy who asked you on a date and your initial thought was oh no he is not good enough for me but you said you would give it a shot anyway, I mean c'mon we all know we say yes to a date every once in awhile when we think we are too good for a guy but it means free dinner. But you said yes and now you are engaged and looking for your wedding dress. Goes without saying I believe I have sufficiently made my point... be open. New things will come your way, new dresses will come into your dressing room. Be open. You never know until you try it. Dare to try some pink on, or even a gown with a back cut-out detail.

2. Separates doesn't mean separate. Bridal separates are not bad. It does not mean you aren't buying a wedding dress. No, it means you have the privilege to put together your dream dress. Just because it is separate now does not mean you are getting two separate pieces when you order your dress it simply just means you get to choose the perfect bridal top for yourself and then you get a choose the perfect skirt for yourself that can fit together. You are essentially getting a custom wedding dress. Separates doesn't mean separate, give them a chance. You just might find the dress of your dreams and you got to put it together yourself.

3. Everybody has a price point. I don't care if your budget is $500 or $10,000. Everybody has some special number they want to stay within. Tell us. We aren't going to judge you but rather we are going to do the exact opposite. We are going to use that special number to help you find a dress that you not only love but that you can afford. The best part about shopping at a small boutique is that we can work with you and we know what costs what. If you tell us your budget we can direct you to the right dresses and the right accessories. We just want to help that's all. We aren't asking your price point to judge you we just want to know how we can help you. Below are three dresses by Nicole Miller, all at different price points. It's best to tell us what you are comfortable with spending, not just the designers you like, this way we can pull the best options!

{Dresses} Blushing by Sarah Seven / Spaghetti Strap A Line is Vivian-Sage by Rebecca Schoneveld / Cut out back detail is Barlow by Daughters of Simone // Lace T Shirt Top is Brooke and heavy Lace Top is Dahlia, both by Rebecca Schoneveld // Mermaid is Dakota, Criss Cross Back is Jamie, Beaded A Line is Millie, all by Nicole Miller

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