Tuesday, September 9, 2014

THOUGHTS TUESDAY #7: Colors, Themes + Design

Today I am here to talk all about my tips on how to come up with colors, themes + the overall design and feeling of your wedding. Working with couples to come up with the perfect look for their wedding day is definitely my absolute favorite part about wedding planning because it allows us to get to be creative while also getting to really know a couple. That being said, it is not always the easiest of tasks for couples... I like to blame it mostly on Pinterest since that's where the majority of brides are going nowadays. But trust me, Pinterest is a mind suck and can really make things confusing and seriously overwhelming. There are so many beautiful things on Pinterest don't get me wrong. But your wedding shouldn't just be beautiful, it should be meaningful and fit you as a couple. So here are my 3 top tips on how to come up with the color palette, themes + design that is perfect for you and your fiance.

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1. Start with the staples: venue first then dress. Once you find that venue I suggest finding your dress. And no not just because we sell dresses.. but because the dress sets the whole mood and the whole tone of your wedding. So you pick a venue that is somewhat of a blank slate whether because its simply a large room with neutral walls or maybe exposed brick, but regardless of that it is a room that does not dictate the style and can really be done up in a multitude of different ways. The possibilities may be endless in this said space. Botany inspired forest theme wedding? Sure. Classic and timeless affair with all white florals and romantic candlelight? Sure. Rocker chic with bold black and white patterns? Sure. Vintage rustic chic with lace and burlap? Sure. See where I'm going with this? Some venues can be overwhelming with how many options and possibilities they are if its a space that does not set the mood on its own. Sooo how is that going to help you when trying to figure out your colors, themes + design? It probably won't to be honest. Well it might... and you might start going in one direction, prior to finding your dress, but then what if you get your dress and then you start to think well shoot this is not going to work. It has happened before with our clients trust me. So my advice is find your venue then find your dress. 2 key starting points.

2. Next, look in your closet (and your fiance's of course, let's not forget about them.) What colors are you seeing? Themes? Patterns? Styles? So for me for example if you look in my closet you are going to see lots of neutrals, black, gray, pale blush and blue, more neutrals and then lots of geometric, aztec and southwestern patterns. If you look in Adrienna's closet you are going to see all floral prints, girly colors, lots of pink. So say Adrienna and I were getting married... color palette of neutrals, black, gray, blush, bold pink and other shades of pinks with a conglomeration of geometric and floral patterns. Sound familiar? Our store maybe? Not feeling inspired by your closet? Then look around your home and try to pick out colors you are drawn to as well as patterns or textures. This may not work for everyone of course, but I think it definitely is a good place to start looking for themes that really truly fit you as a couple.

3. Finalize your colors, themes + overall design and feeling of your wedding and then stop looking. Once you have put together your perfect look and you feel really good about it then its time to just stop looking. Get off Pinterest if you have to unless you are someone who can look at Pinterest and see pretty things that don't fit with your theme and realize they are just that but that they do not fit with what you want for you and your fiance and move on. Think of it this way... when you found your fiance and said yes did you keep looking for someone else? I sure as hell hope not. So treat your wedding theme the same way. Pick it out with your fiance and stick with it because it fits you as a couple not because its pretty but because it is you and your fiance together and its perfect in every way.

What advice do you have for brides getting started planning their wedding and trying to come up with themes and colors? Any tips? Also, if you are interested in any of the dresses above you can call us at (912)200-4794, e-mail at ivoryandbeau@gmail.com or click here to set up a time to come try them on!!

{Photo Credits} [Red, Yellow + Retro] Elaya Vaughn Mermaid Gown via Bridal Editorial, photography by Izzy Hudgins // Bride + Groom in Front of Chairs Wall via Ruffled, photography by Ameris Photography // Eames Chairs Escort Cards via 100 Layer Cake, photography by Steve Cowell Photo  // Balloons via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Fstop Inertia [Playful Blush] Ceremony Decor via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by June Bug Company // Bouquet by Sacchi Rose, photography by Mikkel Paige //  Cake via 100 Layer Cake, photography by The Why We Love // Blush by Hayley Paige Dress via a and be Bridal, photography by Our Love is Loud [Black + White Rustic] Babydoll Faith Thornburg via Bridal Editorial, photography by Izzy Hudgins // Dessert Table via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Mandee Johnson // Mirror Drink Menu via Style Me Pretty, photography by Pat Furey // Love Sign via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Lauren Apel Photo // Lounge Area via Lauren + Ben's Wedding, photography by Ulmer Studios

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