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I don't know about you but I have been loving watching snippets online from Bride By Design on TLC, Heidi Elnora's reality show about her boutique in Alabama and about her custom bridal collection, Build A Bride. It is so fun to see a designer work hands on with brides to help them find their dream dress. Heidi Elnora graduated SCAD in 2002 and started her brand in 2006. Her company and boutique is based in Alabama. Before writing designer features I love doing a little background into who the designer really is and I have to say I felt inspired by reading a little more into Heidi's story, taken from an interview with SCAD.

The designer started out working for Carter's, then left her job for Project Runway. After being kicked off the show she ended up back working at Carter's. Heidi was hit by a drunk driver and so her mom moved her back to Alabama and while back home she met a boy, fell in love and moved officially back to be with him. She knew in her heart she was in Alabama for a reason and she needed to make her dream a reality since the lack of jobs in her field did not exist there. And that's just what she did. I find that so inspiring that someone can take a stepback in life, find the positive, and still pursue their dreams. I can relate because her story is similar to my own life and how I got to Savannah. While I did not move here for any sort of injury or crisis, I am not here now for the reason I thought I came here for. However, I know deep in my heart that I am here for a reason and that is to make my own dreams a reality with Adrienna. :) Funny how fate and destiny have a way of working things out in your life. That being said I would highly recommend reading more from the article here. I loved reading Heidi's young advice for designers. Not one thing she said had anything specific to do about what exactly you have to do, rather she's all about being in tune with yourself and your heart. I think we can all agree Heidi would make an amazing mentor... Now, enough about that and now on to the real reason we are here... beautiful dresses and reasons we love Heidi Elnora's designs.

We will have these dresses through this Saturday only!! Call us at (912)200-4794, e-mail at or click here to schedule an appointment to check out the collection!

1. The Build-A-Bride Collection gives brides the possibility to have a dress that is custom and couture without spending the amount you normally would spend for a couture gown. Coco Marie is one of Heidi's most popular staples that she starts with and then brides can build on from there. Whether its adding a touch of lace, a peplum skirt, cap sleeves, a keyhole back... there are just so many possibilities. Even without any additions to this gown we love its sweetheart neckline with the lower plunging back for a timeless and elegant look with its simple silhouette, which fits brides so beautifully. Coco Marie, shown above also with a lace cover-up for the modest bride. Also, perfect for a bride who wants 2 looks in 1. Why not wear a more modest look for the ceremony, especially for brides getting married in a chapel or a cathedral, and then... party time!! We at Ivory + Beau are all about having 2 looks in 1 for more ways to surprise your guests and your groom!! Try this dress on!

1b. There is just something I love about a dress that says sophisticated, stylish and elegant while also being sexy. Elle Hemingway does just that. With its polished and classic scoop neck and its dramatic low back with buttons. This dress is it all. Plus another one from Heidi's Build A Bride collection it can be accessorized with unique funky bows, lace sleeve overlays, peplum skirts and even tulle skirt overlays. Try this dress on!

2. These dresses are so perfect for the southern traditional bride with their beautiful sweetheart necklines and soft romantic lace, yet have a touch of sexy that we love so much... especially the low backs on these gowns. We are all for looking fabulous in the front, back and side on your wedding day, and what better way to do that than with a gorgeous gown that fits amazingly like these! Try these dresses on!

3. I am loving the modern design elements and use of illusion necklines of Heidi's gowns. Illusion necklines take lace to a whole new nother level by allowing lace to peek out and stand out. Vivienne Beau, Clara Louise and Rubie Joe are three of my personal favorites that Heidi incorporated illusion details into but she has more that are just as amazing!! Try these dresses on!

4. While her dresses are still unique, modern, sexy... there is still a touch of Southern belle that is undeniable in her collection. From a a drop waisted ball gown. to a soft organza tier gown, to this lacy mermaid... she knows how to create the perfect dress for that bride who grew up dreaming of her beautiful Southern wedding in her beautiful gown that makes her feel like the Southern belle she was raised as. Try these dresses on!

5. Last but not least... her dresses have the most adorable names ever that are fit for a true Southern belle. From Georgia Bourgeois to Nora Georgette to Sophie Paulette to Camilla Darling... don't you just feel like you stepped into a Southern movie?? Or is it just me. Anyway, either way... we love Heidi Elnora, her dresses are phenomenal and we can't wait for you to come try on these gowns!! Call us at (912)200-4794, e-mail at or click here to schedule your appointment before these gowns leave our shop!! We will have them through Saturday but will be closed Thursday for Savannah Fashion Night Out.

{Shopping Guide} All Dresses via Heidi Elnora // Dress Names for Shopping Reference: Coco Marie // Coco Marie w/Catherine Cover Up // Elle Hemingway // Elle Hemingway w/Beauty Bow // Nora Georgette // Layla Darling // Riley Grace // Vivienne Beau // Rubie Joe // Clara Louise // Bella Odette // Penelope Darling // Charlotte Fleur

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