Sunday, July 6, 2014

SIMPLY PUBLISHED: {Savannah Magazine} Women in Business

We were so excited when approached about being in Savannah Magazine's Women in Business feature and so we jumped on this opportunity!! It is still somewhat of a dream when I stop and think to myself that I am a business owner at such a young age. I mean... I always knew since I was young I wanted to own my own business, but I guess I always figured it would happen after I spent 20 or so years working in corporate America climbing the ladder to the top. Growing up with a dad who was an entrepreneur and an uncle who is also an entrepreneur it just kind of makes sense that I always wanted that too. So it was really special and really exciting to be in this issue because it just makes it feel a little bit more real even though trust me when I say there are still times where I'll be painting a backdrop with Adrienna and I'll stop and think whoa. This is my job. I am getting paid right now for doing this and it is awesome. And I feel so blessed and happy about it. So anyway, check out below for our feature in the magazine!!! And thank you to Teresa Earnest for coming to the shop + photographing us!! 

My dad has always been someone I have looked up to for advice and wisdom. So it just made sense that we used a quote that he has told me a lot during my life and that is to "keep your knees bent over the moguls." What he has always meant behind this is to keep a steady pace and a steady head regardless of the bad as well as the good that happens. There will be tough times but you got to keep your head up, there will also be really good times but you can't let it get to your head. Just keep moving forward and keep working hard. And that's what we plan to do..! :) 

{Photo Credit} Savannah Magazine, Photo of us by Teresa Earnest Photography

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  1. 2 amazing women with a vision that is becoming reality


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