Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TUESDAY THOUGHTS #1: How a Dress Dictates a Wedding

We work with a lot of brides. A lot. And we hear a lot of the same things from brides. One of the most common things a bride says is that she doesn't know the theme of her wedding yet and so isn't ready to get her dress. But au contraire, I beg to differ. Because you know what we also hear a lot of from brides we are working with on planning their wedding? We hear that they have changed the theme or color palette because they finally found their dress. Yup. True story, I promise. The dress dictates the wedding in so many ways. You know that one time I wrote about how you should never pick the shoes first? Well, it's okay if you don't remember... but basically I wrote about how I had my wedges picked out first for my friend's wedding and then it was a major pain in the ass to find the dress. Same concept here. When you have a theme first and then force yourself to find the dress that fits that theme so perfectly it can sometimes feel like the search for a needle in a haystack. And let's be real. Wedding planning is stressful enough. So why not make things easier for yourself. Find your dress, set the mood, plan, plan, and plan. Of course there are some dresses that can really fit with any theme, but I mean there is an exception to every rule. So we will just ignore that for now and focus on some of our favorite dresses and the themes and color palettes they invoke.

1. Rebecca Schoneveld's Rosaline: This dress. Ohhh this dress. We love this dress. It is beautiful, handmade, soft, romantic, feminine, pretty. This lacy dress is made for the preppy, Southern, traditional and romantic bride. Her guests will ooh and aah at the lace illusion low-cut back and beautiful lace train on her gown while she walks down the aisle to her Southern preppy gentleman rocking an adorable bow tie. The couple will say their vows outside of a barn under a giant Oak tree as her hair billows in the wind. Her color palette is filled with navy blue, peach and coral shades. Her bouquet is perfect and classic with a touch of whimsy. Her guests will be drinking out of mason jars and Georgia peaches will serve as an extra touch of peach. Her friends and family will know they are at a wedding filled with class and elegance.

2. Sarah Seven's Blushing: Another dress we kind of are ridiculously obsessed with. Not just because it's pink, but of course even more because it's pink. This soft organza dress is made for the modern funky bride who loves being stylish in her own unique way. This bride's guests will be excited and surprised upon arrival as they see the bride in her funky attire. The ceremony will take place in a warehouse setting with lots of funky floral details. Her color palette compliments her dress without matching it and is filled with bold yellows, gold and every other color of the rainbow. Guests will enjoy a reception filled with unusual hanging installations, quirky mismatched chairs, and succulents. Her friends and family will know they are at a wedding where the unusual is to be expected.  

3. Elaya Vaughn's Maria: And yet another of our favorite dresses. This ballgown is the softest ballgown you will ever touch in your entire life and is made for the glamorous bride who loves being in the spotlight and is sometimes a little over the top. Her bridesmaids will stand next to her at the altar fashionably in black sequin gowns with flowers in hues that match the bride's lipstick shade. Her color palette will be dramatic and bold with shades of reds and gold with black. Guests will enjoy a luxurious cocktail hour among plush couches filled with sequins and pillows. Every last detail of her wedding will be exquisite and extravagant. Her family and friends will know they are at a fete that will never be forgotten. 

Which look is your favorite?

{Photo Credits} [Preppy + Navy] Rosaline dress by Rebecca Schoneveld, available at Ivory and Beau // Groom via Spotted Photography, bow tie by Starboard Clothing, Boutonniere by Bloom Box Design // Venue via Green Wedding Shoes, Photography by Josh Elliot // Bouquet via Style Me Pretty, Photography by Annabella Charles, Flowers by Haute Horticulture, Styling by Social Grace Events // Peach drinks via The Perfect Palate // Cake via Wedding Chicks, Photography by Landon Jacobs, Cake by Ally and Eloise // Bow Ties via Green Wedding Shoes, Photography by Ryan Ray, Bow Ties handmade by Palm Cottage Goods // Tablescape via  Green Wedding Shoes, Photography by Danielle Poff Photography [Funky + Yellow] Blushing Dress by Sarah Seven, available at Ivory and Beau // Invitations via Oh So Beautiful Paper, Photography by Hoopla Love, Stationary by Rolodex // Shoes via Green Wedding Shoes, Photography by Bayly and Moore, Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell // Reception via Green Wedding Shoes, Photography by Kate Ignatowski, Flowers by Mimosa Flower Design Studio // Bouquet via Ruffled, Photography by Orange Turtle, Flowers by Natural Flair  // Ceremony via Green Wedding Shoes, Photography by Phil Chester, Greenery by The Green Dandelion [Gold Glam] Ballgown by Elaya Vaughn, available at Ivory and Beau // Bridesmaid dress and ceremony via Green Wedding Shoes, Photography by Aaron Young, Florals by Inviting Occasion // Reception and Cake via Green Wedding Shoes, Photography by Aaron Young, Cake by Sweet and Saucy shop // Invitations via 100 Layer Cake, Photography by Style It Photography, Stationary by Bright Room Studio // Shoes via Floridian Weddings, Photography by Starfish Studios

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