Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{NOW HIRING} 2 Internship Opportunities

Ivory + Beau has some exciting news!!! We are expanding quickly + it is time for us to add on some awesome new team members!! We are looking for not one but two interns to start immediately during this exciting adventure in opening up our wedding planning + bridal boutique!! Read below for info on who we want + the application process...

As Ivory + Beau expands previous wedding planning company, Simply Savannah Events, we are in need of two hard working and fun team members who are interested in a career in the bridal + wedding planning industry.

Internship Opportunity: Wedding Planning/Coordination Intern
This intern can expect to be in the boutique 2-3 days a week + will assist at all weddings! You will shadow me closely to learn the ins + outs of coordinating and planning weddings. This job is not as glamorous as it may seem but is so worth it!! We need someone who is an extremely hard worker, doesn't mind arts + crafts assembly lines, cleaning, setting up and styling centerpieces, floral prep work, e-mails, e-mails, more e-mails, phone calls, a few more phone calls, a lot more phone calls, researching venues and vendors in the area, organizing, filing, and more arts + crafts assembly lines. 

You are perfect for this job if you are:
-not scared of working hard, lifting heavy stuff, sweating, getting dirty
-self-motivated. [i.e. There's some trash by the cake table. I better go pick that up before the reception starts. The centerpiece on one table has more bottles than the others. I better make this look better asap. The rental company is running behind gathering their rentals after the reception. I can come to the rescue and help them out!]
-a team player!!!!! You like to come up with ideas that help the company because the success of the company means the success of you as a person means the success of you working for the company and working for us longer!!
-creative. You can walk into a store + find something cool that can be used at a wedding. Any store. Not just a pretty decor store. But any store. Try it. It's fun.
-crafty! You are not afraid of hot glue guns, long hours assembly-lining it.
-organized and a fast typer. No but seriously. We work hard and fast. No long hours at the office for us. Get it done and get it done quick. And do it organized. 

How to apply:
-Send us a resume + a cover letter addressed to Ava + Rene. E-mailed to
-Subject line in e-mail: Wedding Planning/Coordination Intern
-DEADLINE FOR APPLYING: October 31st, 2013. 

How to apply + receive brownie points and an interview:
-Send us pics of a craft project you have done or made up that we have not seen all over Pinterest.
-Send us a mood board of what your dream wedding would look like. This does not have to be crazy complex, 4-7 pictures will do just fine. 

About the Internship:
This is an unpaid internship that will last 2 months. At the end of 2 months, Adrienna and I will review your work and at that time we will decide if you are HIRED for a part-time position with us! And trust us, we really hope you are amazing and that we can hire you because we need you just as much as you need us! If you want college credit we can definitely work with you to get that sorted out as well!!! 

See? Don't you want to work for us? We are fun. Real fun. We tell good jokes. Like really good jokes. Mostly about cats. And we adopt stray cats off the street + name them Roo. That happened. We also play with toy dinosaurs. But seriously. We want you to apply now. Let's be friends and make pretty crafts + get famous. Okay go. 

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  1. Hi Adrienne,

    I just saw your post for interns on the SCAD wall, but I missed the deadline. But if you guys are ever looking for more, please let me know. I am very interested in the wedding business. I recently helped decorate my Grandma and Grandpa's Golden Anniversary party and reception.

    Thanks so much!



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