Thursday, November 1, 2012

SIMPLY WED: Lindsey & Blake's Rehearsal Dinner

I honestly have to say working at this wedding was one of those experiences that you can't put into words easily. It started with a 30 minute drive south of Savannah. Once at the Sapelo Island Visitor Center we boarded the ferry. Not a slow ferry though, a fast ferry that went through some amazing swamp & marsh areas. It was absolutely beautiful. It sort of felt like a dream... I can remember thinking, am I really doing this? I am getting paid right now to ride a boat to a private island to work at a wedding and this is awesome. Now, I think Savannah is beautiful and all... but Sapelo Island? I don't think beautiful even begins to describe it. The trees, the beaches, the nature, the seclusion you feel once on the island, everything is so breathtaking. I think Lindsey & Blake did a really good job choosing a location and a photographer. Traci Arney was incredible at capturing every moment of their wedding from the bride and groom greeting the guests, to the rehearsal dinner on a pier along a deserted beach, to the ceremony by the Great Gatsby fountain, to their lovely intimate dinner party. There are so many incredible photographs that I just had to split this feature into two parts. So for the first part of the Lindsey/Blake wedding, here are some images Traci took from around the island and of the rehearsal dinner. Magical? Don't you think?

{Photo Credits} Traci Arney Photography

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