Thursday, May 7, 2015


You know how some people have the ability to give the perfect gifts? That is unique and thoughtful, every time? We'll I'm not one of them. So when it comes to gift giving I do my research! I feel like every wedding has the same gifts, so I wanted to scour the internet for the coolest, and most unique gifts! This way, whenever I get married, I will have the best presents for my guests. I found so many cool ideas, like custom luggage tags for a destination wedding, to smores. (I spent hours searching, so many ideas!) But I picked my top 8 ideas. So read on for the best wedding favors!

1. Honey: Savannah Bee Company have so many honey types, so you will have a ton to choose from for your guests! This is a great way to give guests a piece of Savannah, and they will love it. They can use honey for their bread, coffee or tea, plus they have seasonal flavors.

2. Hangover Kit: This is for the wedding that you know will come with consequences the next morning! If you plan on indulging your guests on your special day, make sure to provide them with a kit for the next day. Make sure to include Advil and Alka Seltzer!

3. Cookie Cutters: If you are a baking couple, then cookie cutters are a great gift. You can show your love of all things sweet, and every time they are used, you will be remembered. Etsy have a ton of options, so you can pick what represents you best. Maybe you are animal lovers, and want a kitty cookie cutout, or maybe you are like us and love dinosaurs!

4. Donuts: This one is simple. Everyone likes donuts! Savannah has a Krispy Kreme, so you can easily get a couple dozen donuts so guests can take them to go!

5. Glass Bottles: We love the idea of giving out bottles filled with something special. Maybe some sand from Tybee Island, to tie in Georgia? Or you could fill it with your favorite candies! 

6. Tea Bags: These are perfect for the tea loving couple! Some people love wine, some beer, others tea! This is a unique gift that will definitely be used after the wedding. It's a great way to tell you guests thank you!

7. Terrarium: Are you a nature loving couple? Then mini terrariums are perfect! You can fill these with rocks and succulents so even the least green thumb guest can keep them alive. One of our weddings gave each guest a little cactus, and it was so cute, and everyone loved them! (I still have mine!) This is a super thoughtful thank you, and can be used as decor during the wedding! Have one at each place setting for some easy greenery. 

8. Ornaments: These are not your typical glass ornaments. These are ceramic, and can be used outside of Christmas! This is a great way to show your guests you care, and write a special message to them. You can also personalize it with your initials or wedding date.

{Shopping Guide} Honey from Savannah Bee Company // Hangover KiMini Bottles and Terrarium from Elli // Cookie Cutters via Style Me Pretty, Photography by Grazier Photography // Tea Bags from Beaucoup // Ornaments from Etsy

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