Saturday, May 16, 2015

THOUGHTS TUESDAY (on a Saturday): 5-Month Milestone Check-In

I haven't written a blog post in a long time. No complaints there though because it just means we've been busy. Like crazy busy and that's a good thing. "I hate being busy and having work to do," said the 26 year old entrepreneur never. So a few days ago I was reflecting on 2015... our business, our personal lives, the ways I've grown, the ways I still need to grow, friends, life in general, everything. And I started to jot down some notes about things. So rather than tuck those notes away and forget about them... I am going to write a damn blog post, because its about time. And along the way I added in some pictures from my favorite styled shoot we've ever done, our spring bridal editorial, Sarah & Joe (our best friend's) wedding, and maybe one of my favorite shots from Jahziel & Ignacio's wedding this past spring. And here we go, my 5-month milepost reflection. And go.

So if you know about our business and team at all you will know that we currently have an Australian trainee here all the way from the west coast of Perth. Nic is not only an incredible hard worker but she is a best friend and someone who I have learned a lot from without even really knowing it. She has changed my perspective on things in some huge ways. And I know she is going to change the way Ivory & Beau is in a huge way too. We have a lot of things underway and I think that's also what sparked me to take notes of where we are now. She isn't the only one responsible for the things I'm going to write, that would be unfair to all the other incredible people in my life that I have become so close to, but she's definitely one of the main contributors. Allie (our other roommate), Sarah & Joe (our newlywed couple friends), Daniel (one of our best friends, who is also eerily and creepily the male version of myself), Wendy (an amazing photographer and friend), Adrienna (my other half kitty cat boss), McKenzie & Lauren (our badass assistants), Savannah (my best friend outside of the industry)... I could seriously go on but I'm not going to. If I love you then you better know I love you... and if you don't know that I love you, well I'm going to guess it's because I didn't hug you very well last time I saw you. But c'mon everybody who knows me knows you can't take that personally because I am the absolute worst hugger in the existence of the world, maybe even worse than people who don't hug, likes monks and umm other people who don't hug? Moving on, so since I'm a list person here are some of the things I reflected on, learned about, thought about, whatever...

1. Traveling and experiences are important. Maybe one of the most important things to me. And I think sometimes I forget to take advantage of opportunities when they come knocking. You make excuses like, oh no I can't do that I have to work or oh no I can't afford that. Nic is responsible for this one... she is over here and wants to make the most of life while she is here. And I said no to a few adventures and I will now never say no again. Just because I think well not this time but maybe next time but the harsh reality is... there will never be a next time. And if there is it won't be the same. Say yes now, open your heart and your mind to new adventures and exploring. Its good for the soul. It keeps you sane. Austin, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee to Palm Springs, California to New York to Asheville, North Carolina we will be exploring all over while combining these adventures with some big dreams we have.

2. Have fun, laugh, be light, be silly, don't take life too seriously when you don't need to. Of course there are times you need to be serious but even in those moments be positive about the situation. In moments when you are hurting, sad, depressed, be light. One of my absolute favorite things about myself and my friends is that we are just silly and happy people. I even told Nic this morning... the thing I love about SnapChat and My Story on there is that when I'm having a bad day I can always rely on going back and watching My Story and seeing the things we laughed about during the day. Even when the day might not be going our way... there is always something that we laughed about. Life is way too short for drama. So get rid of people in your life who are life-sucking-drama-loving people. They will hurt your soul.

3. Don't stop dreaming. I think this is the biggest one that I realized recently. I felt myself starting to coast, feeling like I've made it, I'm doing great, whatever. I haven't done anything yet, keep going, keep dreaming, reach further, climb higher, life has so much more to give to those who seek it. I have told life it hasn't given me enough yet, I want to succeed, climb that mountain. Keep on going and keep on climbing. There is more. I will never reach the end where there isn't something more to do. Don't ever stop dreaming of what next, how to be better, how to grow our business, what obstacle we can tackle next, there is another challenge out there... and another after that... and another. I don't ever want to stop seeking those challenges. Its those challenges that will keep us going and keep us from just coasting. All those things I dream about? We are capable... just keep dreaming bigger than we think we are capable of and we will see that hey, we're tougher and better than we ever even knew we were or believed we were.

4. Friends are better than a giant bowl of ice cream. They keep me sane and are so crucial. Having a healthy personal/social life is so important. They are my life line so I need to be open to making new friends, keeping friends, I never know when I'll need a friend. Maybe my love life isn't the best, but my friends have become the loves of my life and happiness has found me. For awhile I was closed off to letting new people in, thought I had all the friends I needed or wanted. But meeting new people in these past few months has been such an incredible experience for me and something I maybe wasn't always that great at doing. I was closed off but now I'm not and it's great. Almost slightly addicting making new friends and becoming close to new people. There is so much that can be learned from every single person you meet. So in the words of Allie, "I just treat every new person I meet as my best friend even though they don't know it yet."

5. Capture it all. Any of you that are my Facebook friend, Instagram follower, Snapchat friend know that I am obsessed with capturing it all. I take way too many pictures every day. Not just of special occasions but of every single day, because maybe every single day is special and deserves being captured. I love reliving my life through pictures, because it's just that good. These moments are just so good and so worth it. I'm not even saying that to sound conceited because I bet if you too stopped and captured all the silly crazy moments you would realize that your life is that good too. Every moment, every day only happens once so think of that way. That being said... insert note to brides and grooms... spend money on a good photographer if nothing else at all. That is all you have left!!!!!! I could write a million blog posts on the importance of good photographers... but I'll save it for another day.

And that's all she wrote. Thanks for reading friends and strangers who might someday be my friend. Short ginger kid out.

{Photo Credits} Bike via Apt B Photography taken at The Brice // Brides via Laura Fulmer Photography taken at Ships of the Sea Museum // Bustling the Dress via Alexis Sweet Photography taken at Brockington Hall // Ice Cream Sandwiches via Apt B Photography taken at The Brice // Dancing with the Bride via Alexis Sweet Photography taken at Brockington Hall // Jahziel & Ignacio via Six Hearts Photography

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