Tuesday, May 12, 2015

THOUGHTS TUESDAY: Cactus + Daughters of Simone

We get a lot of brides who come in looking for a dress to go with their out door wedding, and a lot are wanting to incorporate cactus and succulents!! Today we are going to look at a variety of ways you can add cactus into your wedding, from DIY projects to cake toppers!! Which would you chose?

1. DIY: One way to add some cactus elements is with DIY decor! We love these DIY cactus Piñata's from Oh Happy Day! They are super easy to make, and could easily be hung as a ceremony backdrop, or sitting on the gift table. 

2. Your Dress: If you are looking for a bohemian feel gown to go with your laid back outdoor wedding, one of our favorite choices is Fin by Daughters of Simone. She has eyelash lace, a high neckline, and a stunning low back. She shows the perfect amount of skin, and hugs the body beautifully. We love her scallop detail around the back and shoulders! 

3. Table Details: We love have pieces of cactus as part of your table details! One idea is to have them as silverware holders. You can also have them apart of your centerpiece flowers, or as escort cards.

4. The Cake: This edible cake topper by Ruze Cake House is perfection! This is our favorite cactus detail, especially on a clean and simple cake. It really makes the handmade piece stick out!

5. Tequila: Blue Agave (what tequila comes from) might technically be a succulent, but we think it can pass for a cactus. If you have a rowdy crowd, why not have a tequila bar? You might have to limit the amount of tequila each guests have (since we know that can lead to bad things!) but it would be such a fun way to add this cactus-esque plant in your wedding!!

6. Bouquet:  If you are a cactus and succulent lover, adding it to your bouquet is a perfect way to show it. You can have these in any color bouquet, from the one above with pops of red, to an all green bouquet, or even an all white bouquet! Just make sure to get ones without thorns, you don't want it to catch on your gown, or even poke you!

{Photo Credits} Fin Gown by Daughters of Simone, Photography by Annie Edmonds // Mini Cactus Piñata DIY via Oh Happy Day // Cactus table setting via Ruffled, Flowers by Bloomers, Photography by Gideon Photography // Cake via The Cake Blog, Cake by Ruze Cake House, Photography by Andrew Jade Photography // Bouquet via Sweet Violet Bride, Flowers by Susan M Florals 

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