Friday, May 29, 2015

DIY: Geometric Shapes + Wedding Chicks Feature

We love to do DIY projects, and for our most recent shoot at The Brice Hotel with Apt. B photography, we knew we wanted to make a cool ceremony backdrop. The theme was mid-century modern, so we wanted to do something geometric. We decided to make geometric shapes using wooden dowels and styrofoam balls. This was so easy to make, and you can make shapes as large or small as you want! Ours turned out to be about 2' by 2', which were perfect when they were hung behind the couple. This only takes a few steps, and you can use any color spray paint to achieve any look you want!

Check out the rest of this shoot on Wedding Chicks today!

Supplies: Glue gun and glue sticks // Gold spray-paint // Wooden dowels // Styrofoam balls 

1. Get all of your supplies!
2. Spray paint the wooden dowels. You can use any size you wish, that way you can make various shapes.
3. Figure out where you would like the wooden dowels attached to the styrofoam balls. Make a dent, so you know where to glue in step 4.
4. Glue the wooden dowels to the styrofoam. Make sure the dowel is 1/2 inch in, to assure it stays together.
5. Attach all of your pieces, making any shape you wish. We also had a few that had extra appendages, so they were not just enclosed shapes. 
6. Viola! 3D geometric shapes! These can easily be hung using fishing line. 

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