Tuesday, April 28, 2015

THOUGHTS TUESDAY: Doggy + Weddings

So I've officially crossed into the world of dogs. My boyfriend and I adopted a golden labrador retriever, and man is she cute! I've always wanted an animal at my wedding, and unfortunately I don't think our cats would be good participants. Sure, my boy cat is chill, but I don't think he would sit for very long, or want to be on a leash! So that leaves our new dog, Daisy, to have the honors. There are so many ways to incorporate dogs in your wedding, from them actually being there, to doggy inspired gifts!

One way is having your special friend on the day of the wedding! Dress them up in a flower crown, and let them be the center of attention. You can let them be the ring bearer or flower girl, or let them join the reception (if they are calm enough around all that noise). Your puppy will be the most popular person of the evening, which he/she will love. If you do have your pup, make sure you have someone who is willing to help gold them, and make sure they are happy the whole night, and clean up their messes.

If your doggy isn't the best around crowds, or you can't let her come to the wedding, you can always have her there in spirit! Have your guest book be your pub, or your cake toppers replicas of your animals! You can also have them be part of your table numbers, whether it's an outline of them, or a picture you took of them with the table number around their neck (so cute!) Etsy has so many options that are doggy inspired, and when they are handmade you can make sure they look just like your dog! I will want a cake topper that has both by kittys and doggy when I get married (Yes I sound like I'm 12)

Gifts are a great way to show your love of pooches, without them being there! One option is to give each guest a doggy bag for a gift, and give money to a local animal charity. You can also have baskets or gift bags with dog friendly gifts and treats. Or you can have drink stirrers with dogs on them or for my favorite idea, knitted doggies! You can give guests a DIY kit so they can make their own doggies (how cute!)

Flower Crown: Pitbull via Ruffled, Floral and Design by Juli Vaughn Design, Photography by Vue Photography // German Shepherd via Bridal Musings, Flowers by Anthromanic Florist, Photography by Marta Locklear // Maltese via Style Me Pretty, Photography by Kina Wicks // Jack Russel Terrier via Elizabeth Anne Designs, Photography by Emila Jane // Pitbull Engagement, Floral Crown by Ivory + Beau, Photography by Rach Lea Photography // Golden Retriever via Style Me Pretty, Flowers by Unveiled Design and Events, Photography by Carolina Lima

Dog in Spirit: Frenchie Cake Toppers from Etsy, by Bonjour Poupette // Dog Tab via Ruffled, Flowers by Camel Back Flower Shop, Photography by Stephanie Fray // Dog Escort Cards via Wedding Chicks, Photography by Alison Yin // Photo Table Numbers via Style Me Pretty, Photography by Sarah Jayne // Wax Seal from Etsy, by Back to Zero // Handrawn Dog Table Number via Smitten, Photography by Jade + Matthew // Escort Card Sign via 100 Layer Cake, Photography by Love Me Sailor

Doggy Gifts: DIY Knitted Doggy from ModCloth // Charity Wedding Favors via Marry This // Basket of Gifts via Wedding Chicks, Photography by Amelia and Dan // Dog Drink Stirrers via Glitter Guide // Doggy Gift Bags via United With love, Photography by Laura Ashbrook // Thank You Cards from Etsy // Doggy Coasters from Etsy 

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