Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I am all about a little DIY project that costs close to nothing and adds a personal touch to your wedding all at the same time. I mean who isn't really? So today I'm here to share with you probably one of my favorite DIYs that I did for a friend's wedding.

Sarah and Joe are two of our close friends finally got married and gave us pretty much complete freedom in regards to the design of their big day. But anyway, Sarah is a singer/guitarist who plays pretty frequently around Savannah. **Check out her gig schedule here!! And Joe is in the military and works on and flies helicopters. For their cake topper they wanted to do something fun so we came up with the idea to do a guitar for her and a helicopter for him. And what better way to find the perfect cake topper than to make it ourselves?

TOTAL COST: $5.98 + spray paint

We basically have an infinite stock of gold spray paint at our shop so I didn't have to spend a dime on that. Honestly the hardest part of this DIY was finding the guitar. An unsuccessful trip to Michael's, then Dollar Tree led me to begrudgingly head over to Toys R Us. Which if you are not a kid I feel like is an extremely overwhelming experience. Because I think they have like every single toy that has ever been made. Ever... but really I mean like ever ever ever. And the aisles are packed with toys, so many toys. I looked up and down and up and down and up and down every aisle thinking the best bet was a Barbie with a guitar. No luck. Got to the back of the store (now in toddler land) and finally gave in and asked someone. He looked at me funny but then I started asking for like you know... what about a doll that is a rockstar? Maybe a boy rockstar? A toy like that? Anything? And voile, he was able to help direct me to a Beatrix Girls rockstar doll. I laughed pretty hard when I saw it and said perfect. A fairy shaped guitar, I will take it. Yup, Toys R Us guy. It's perfect.

So... for you and your groom all you have to do is think about things you love and then find the mini version toy to make your cake topper. For me it would probably have to be a dinosaur, a cat or a snowboard. For Adrienna bets are on a cat, a bow or a beading knit type thingy. Nic, the kangaroo, would probably opt for a kangaroo, a bottle of Jim Beam or salsa dancing shoes. The possibilities really are endless because well, like I said above, Toys R Us has every toy you have ever heard of. So pick up your favorite toy, your favorite color of spray paint and you're done. DIY cake topper.

Huge congratulations to Sarah & Joe who just got back from their honeymoon on Monday! We could not be more excited for the happy couple and huge thank you for letting us have so much freedom with the designing of your wedding!! It was so absolutely fun and exciting!!!!!! We love ya'll!!

{Vendor Credits} Photo: Alexis Sweet Photography (top image taken with Nicole's iPhone) // Donuts: Baker's Pride // Cake Toppers: Dollar Tree DIY by Ivory + Beau

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