Thursday, March 19, 2015

SIMPLY INSPIRATION: Ash and Light + Cobalt Blue

We are getting excited for our Ash and Light styling event coming up May 3rd! Tickets will be going on sale soon, so we wanted to preview some of the dresses we will be getting! During this styling event, we will have the style experts at Ash and Light teaching you how to restyle your bridesmaid dress after the wedding. We all know the story: you get a bridesmaids gown, then it sits in your closet for the next year until you purge and throw it away. This happens every wedding. But with the dresses by Ash and Light, you don't have to! These gowns are modern, comfortable, and totally wearable after the wedding! Today we are looking at the Lauren gown and The Mullet dress (I promise it is much cuter then the name implies!) Lauren is a Grecian style gown with adjustable shoulders, make in pure silk. This gown is so soft, so light, so perfect for a hot summer wedding! The Mullet dress is a color-block gown, with sheer chiffon neckline, with the body made in charmeuse. 
If you are thinking cobalt blue for your wedding, we picked some ways to add blue in your wedding! From earrings, to coasters to blue shoes, there are so many ways to add cobalt!

If you are interested in pre-ordering tickets to this event, email us at ! Space is limited, so tickets are required!

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