Friday, February 6, 2015

VENDOR FRIENDOR FRIDAY: Valentine's Day + Silver Lining Spa Fabulousness

I find it a little ironic that I am sitting down to write this blog post mere minutes after leaving from a meeting with an accountant that left me feeling tense, stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. You know, that kind of anxious where you speed off from the meeting and head straight to the bookstore to buy a book about small business taxes. That being said this post has absolutely nothing to do with taxes or anything stressful at all. Nope, this post is about the complete opposite... the most intense state of relaxation I have ever experienced in my life thus far. Insert Body Scrub by Lynn of Silver Lining Spa. So today I am here to talk about how ridiculously amazing body scrubs are and that you should all experience this at some point very soon in your life. And for all you guys out there who have yet to purchase a gift for your lovely woman for Valentine's Day and for all you girls out there who know your guy is probably a little stressed over what to get you or maybe you just know your guy will completely forget and give you something lame, well I am here to tell you that a gift certificate from Silver Lining Spa is exactly what any girl could ever want.

Upon entering Silver Lining Spa you are encased in the most amazing scents and the relaxation begins. Lynn first showed me her bridal trial studio with its glamorous mirrors and cushy lounge area. Perfect for a bridal party on their wedding day for getting ready as well. After this we headed into her spa room where I laid on a warm heated blanket and got ready for what was to come. And it was so amazing. The body scrub smells amazing and I just don't know if there is anything much better than having your body exfoliated while being in a relaxing environment that is warm and comforting and filled with soft melodies. It is just divine. After she is complete she left me there for a few minutes and I am not even lying for a second when I say that I fell into such a deep sleep that I was actually dreaming within seconds. When Lynn came back in to wake me up it reminded me very much of when I had my wisdom teeth out, but minus all the pain. It was similar to the feeling of being on a cloud surrounded by sugarplums, pixie dust, and cotton candy while frolicking in a field filled with dandelions just waiting to be blown away into a wish and then someone comes and taps you to bring you back down to earth. I fortunately for Lynn's sake was easier to wake than after my wisdom teeth surgery where I refused and refused and it took them over an hour to get me to finally wake up. But I still felt just as loopy and relaxed. It was pure utter fabulousness that I have never in my life experienced and I would highly recommend to anybody and everybody. Especially a bride who may be a little stressed before her wedding or a special someone getting ready for a Valentine's Day weekend.

That being said, Silver Lining Spa has some fabulous Groupon deals right now just in time for Valentine's Day so to save on these fabulous spa treatments head on over here to check them out!

Huge thank you to Lynn for everything!!!

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