Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I (Adrienna) love opals, like I really really love opals. I've always loved the flecks of colors that swirl around in pal jewelry, and the rainbow of colors. I love how they change colors in various lighting, with different colors popping out in sunlight, and different colors inside. I love wearing my opal ring, which was a lovely gift from my boyfriend (shout out to Woody for picking a nice ring). We also love when a bride dares to be different, either with her opal engagement ring, or opal accessories! We have some amazing opal options in the shop, like this Twigs and Honey hair vine, or sashes by Hushed Commotion. It's such a gorgeous alternative to rhinestones and beading, opals catch the light in a spectacular way!

[Shopping Guide] Hair Vine by Twigs and Honey // Opal Necklace by Julia Szendrei and Earrings by Stone and Gold from Etsy // Birds of Paradise Earrings by Elizabeth Cole from Rent The Runway // 14K Gold Opal Ring from Red Box Jewels // Ainsly Gold Sash and Malia Silver Opal Sash by Hushed Commotion

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