Tuesday, February 10, 2015

THOUGHTS TUESDAY: Wedding Gown Preservation

Today we are talking about gown preservation. I know most of our brides have asked about it, or thought about whether or not they should do it. After hearing lots of questions, we decided to provide gown preservation! We now cary kits from Wedding Gown Preservation Co. a leading company in dress preservation. We truly believe in the importance of preserving your wedding dress. Your dress is a purchase of a lifetime, and after spending money and time on a gown, it makes sense to preserve it! If you don't, your gown will start to yellow over time and become brittle, so it won't be able to be worn, or kept over years. Even though I won't want to wear my mom's wedding dress, I love being able to see it in person, preserved for years to come. Plus, this way I can add lace from her gown into mine. Without preservation, this would not be possible!

With gown preservation, they look over it to see what needs to be cleaned, what the materials are and what types of embellishments it has. The gown is cleaned, and preserved in acid-free tissue paper and placed in a museum-quality archival box. Our kit includes the box, FedEx shipping to and from the gown preservation company, and materials to pack your gown, so there are no extra fees! This way you can pack it up after the wedding, and not worry about taking it somewhere for cleaning! After just a few months, you will get your gown back, preserved and ready for future generations. Plus, the gown is guaranteed to not yellow for 100 years.

Here are our top 5 reasons to preserve your gown:

  1. Preserving your gown is the best way to keep your gown in good condition. It's the best way to preserve it's shape, color and details.
  2. Not all stains are noticeable. Some stains, like sugar, are not seen right away, but can brown over time. This means the piece of cake that dropped on your lap might not show up right away, but it will brown over time, leaving a nasty stain. Don't wait too long after your wedding, the longer you delay, the harder stains are to remove.
  3. They are able to remove 95% of all stains, that includes blood, preservation, grass, mud, grease and food! So even if you have an outdoor garden wedding, or in a muddy field, your gown will be cleaned! 
  4. It's important to pick the right company. Not all dry cleaners have experience preserving wedding gowns, and the last thing you want is your gown to be ruined by chemicals, or to yellow over the years! 
  5. It's a one time cost, and the results are a gown preserved forever. It's worth it, especially when you buy such a nice, and costly, gown!

Interested in gown preservation? Our kits are $180, and are available in stock!

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