Friday, January 30, 2015


I begin this post by saying I can barely move right now and may have just gained 50 pounds and I have a mild case of a sugar high. So if my gibberish starts to make no sense at all that may be why. But you know what I am completely and utterly okay with all of the above because these cupcakes were so worth it. So today I am here to talk about a new cake vendor in town: Wicked Cakes. We met Abby, the owner, last week at a vendor networking event and she invited us to come try out the cakes for ourselves before referring to our clients. And of course we aren't going to say no to free cake. I mean obviously that would be the stupidest thing anybody could ever do. So today we went down to Wicked Cakes, which is in an adorable little shop off of Broughton Street downtown and is decorated wickedly of course in bold black, white and red. The shop smells amazing upon entering and some tourists were perusing the display case trying to pick out which dessert to get. We sat down with Abby to talk some fun cakes and see some of her cakes she has made. Afterwards she gifted us with the most amazing treats so we did what any 3 girls would do... had an afternoon cupcake break tasting time on the floor while ranking each cupcake and taking detailed notes on them all to prepare for this blog post. Of course we did this for you guys so now you know the amazingness that we experienced and now you can be jealous of course.

So in order here you have it... in order from top left.

COCONUT: Nic (the Australian's) favorite, my (Nicole's) 2nd favorite + Adrienna's 2nd to last favorite. We (Nic & Nicole) loved that it was coconutty but not too overly coconutty. The cake itself is moist with bits of real coconut in it that is just divine. The frosting is a cream cheese frosting with more coconut. Very nice all around.

S'MORES: Umm hello who doesn't love s'mores?! This was the first time I've ever tried a S'mores cupcake and I was pleasantly surprised although it wasn't my top favorite, it was Adrienna's #1 pick. The best part about it is that in the bottom is a little surprise we never saw coming... graham cracker crust. The marshmallow gelatin topping is a real treat. This came in 4th for myself and 5th for the kangaroo.

STRAWBERRY: While strawberries are my absolute favorite fruit this was my (and everybody else's) least favorite cupcake. However, that does not mean it wasn't delicious but this is definitely the cupcake for someone who loves sugar and a whole lot of sweetness. The frosting was a buttercream and sweeter than can be.

LEMON: Hands down best one. I absolutely love lemon and key lime anything and this was just perfect. The lemon-y frosting was amazing... not too tart, not not enough tart, but just right tartness. Plus we all agreed we love how these cupcakes have a crispy outer layer while the inside is very moist. While I could eat this everyday, the wombat ranked this #2 (a close call though with the coconutty) and Adrienna ranked it #3 (only because she loves chocolate though.)

BANANA: The cake part of this we all absolutely loved. Maybe the best banana bread we have ever tried. However, poor banana got 5th for me, 4th for Adrienna and the quokka but only because we felt that the banana bread part was too good for the frosting and would have been perfect without the extra sweetness. Still delicious though don't get me wrong.

CHOCOLATE: I have tried a lot of bad chocolate cake and this was not one of them. Not too sweet but seriously just right. This came in 3rd for me and the koala and 2nd for Adrienna. But again for Adrienna she was stuck between the chocolate and the s'mores.

That being said... these were all oh so delicious and we did work. All 3 of us have gained an inch or 2 around our waists and have no regrets because every bit was amazing, scrumptious and yummy. We all would highly recommend Wicked Cakes for your wedding desserts. To check out their wedding cakes head on over to their facebook page!! And thank you Abby for the delicious treats!!

Happy Friday ya'll!!!

{Photo Credits} Nicole's iPhone

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