Thursday, January 15, 2015

THOUGHTS THURSDAY: 4 Reasons You Should Have a Photobooth

So first off before I start anything I need to just say thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the incredible vendors who were involved in our 1-YEAR Anniversary! We are so overwhelmed with gratitude for all the vendors who have supported us throughout our first year open and are so very grateful for all of them who we love to work with so much!!! First round of thank yous go to the vendors who provided entertainment at our Party ::

Dreamweaver Photobooth (the most fun you will ever have in your entire life.)
Sarah Tollerson (your voice sounds of angels + your duet with Chris Dooley was on point.)
Chris Dooley (the coolest violinist in the Savannah area who owns a really cool bird.)
Dollface by Jules (all the ladies at our party had the finest lipstick of all the land.)
Symmetry Nail Bar (fabulous nails and manicures for all the prettiest ladies.)
Zoe's Massage Place (the best deep massage you will ever feel that will relax you for days.)

And now huge thank you to all the vendors who donated prizes to all those wonderful brides and grooms out there ::

Advanced A/V Rentals // Alexis Sweet Photography // Beyond Beautiful by Heather // Claire Barrett Photography // Daniel John Eastwood Photography // Gigi's Cupcakes // Izzy Hudgins Photography // Michelle Royal Makeup Artistry & Hair Styling // Posh Hair by Lindsay // Rach Lea Photography // Savannah Makeup Professionals // Silver Lining Spa

And now to just say thank you thank you to all of our amazing friends. You guys are so wonderful and have made Savannah a home for both Adrienna & myself. We love every moment spent with all of you and we are so grateful that you all came out to support our adventure. Without you all we would be a little lost in life. You make us laugh, you make us smile, you make us seriously happy and the fact you guys support us enough to come party with us is the best thing ever to us. We love you all from the bottoms of our hearts. Now for the fun pictures... oh yeah, we have all these pictures in the big format. You might have thought you were just getting a snapshot in a photobooth but oh no... Anyway, if you want any of these in the large version feel free to e-mail us at!! Also, we will be posting them in an album on our Facebook page! And now... for my Thoughts Tuesday Thursday and my 4 reasons why every couple should have a photobooth at their wedding...

****Dreamweaver Photography has a few different styles of photobooths but this one in particular was a modern looking free-standing photobooth that can be used in front of whatever backdrop you want! It prints out 2 strips for guests to take. I absolutely am obsessed with it because of the fact you don't have to have a boring backdrop and if you know me you know we love getting creative!!!! To get more information about pricing and photobooth options contact Jamie at!! Trust me this is going to be one of the most fun investment you could ever make... PROOF IS BELOW. And go...

1. They are more fun than awkward conversations and small talk. Let's be honest here... I'm sure the majority of us have been to a wedding where we barely knew anybody and the small talk was kind of hurting our heart a little. What better way to break the ice at cocktail hour than have a photobooth for guests to laugh and be awkward in a completely socially acceptable manner. 

2. We live in the age of selfies. And who doesn't love a good selfie. I mean even those people shaking their head and saying no they don't like selfies... I just am not buying it.  

3. It's like Halloween on steroids. You get to dress up and change your look more times in 10 minutes then you do the whole year. One minute you're a dinosaur, the next an owl, the next a ridiculously posh looking male with a fantastic mustache. It's like being a kid all over again and I love it. 

4. My top reason for having a photobooth is the fact that your photographer, no matter how good, will probably never capture every single guest at your wedding. Plus I mean it's not really like you want them to anyway... well maybe. But probably not. Who wants a bunch of portraits of every single guest hanging out with each other? I mean maybe you do but I'm just going to assume you don't. And from my experience looking through all the pictures that photographers send us after the wedding it is definitely not the norm for them to do that. That being said... with a photobooth your guests get the chance to get their picture taken. And then after the wedding you can share all those crazy pictures and embarrass the heck out of everyone in a really fun way. And your wedding guests will be talking about that wedding and how fun it was for forever. But that wedding where they danced awkwardly in the light that was never dimmed enough? Not going to remember it. Or maybe they will remember how awkward they were and they'll just try and pretend they don't remember. Or maybe that is just me? Awkward ginger syndrome or something. Not sure.

{Photobooth Credit} Dreamweaver Photography

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