Saturday, January 31, 2015

SIMPLY SHOPPING: Fabrik Bride Brag Card

One of our favorite places to shop here in Savannah is Fabrik! Fabrik is a chic boutique, with everything under $100, except their denim bar, so super affordable! They get new shipments every day, so the inventory is constantly changing, so every time you go you'll find something new. One of the best parts of their store is their "mens lounge" complete with couches, a flat screen TV and a Wii, so your male companion won't get bored. Having a place for your fiance to hide out and relax is the easiest way to shop, no more "are we done yet?!"

But if you're engaged, it gets even better! They have a Bride Brag Card that gives you 20% off each trip, until your wedding day! This is the perfect opportunity to get your much needed outfits; engagement pictures outfit, engagement party outfit, bachelorette party outfit, and of course, your rehearsal dinner outfit! All for 20% off! So how do you get one of these amazing cards? When you buy your dress from us, you get one as a gift! Make sure to tag us on Instagram with your new swag! @fabriksavannah + @ivoryandbeau

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