Monday, January 5, 2015

[#5] 11 DAYS OF WEDDING GIVEAWAYS: How to Pose and Look Amazing in Your Wedding Dress by Claire Barrett

Have you ever worn a wedding dress before? I bet the answer for most of you would be well no, I have not. Next question... have you ever modeled a wedding dress before? Have you ever had pictures taken in a wedding dress? Probably not if your answer to the question above was also no. Have you ever been nervous about how to pose in a wedding dress? How to really look good? What angles work best for you? How to hide those "trouble areas" and how to look really fabulous? Well, that brings me to this next giveaway where you will work one-on-one for a session with photographer, Claire Barrett, to learn how to look amazing and how to pose in your wedding dress.

Our sixth giveaway is sponsored by Claire Barrett Photography. Claire has experienced not only shooting in the US but internationally. She shoots it all; dream weddings, events, luxurious products, food and families. She is a person of passion, she can see the beauty in everything! From a tiny drop of rain to a cold fog blanketing a mountain. These are Claire's examples and I can tell you now reading her 'About Claire' on her blog gave me goosebumps. She is passionate not only about her life but about how she sees the world and about how she captures those moments. So by this we can see that their is no one more perfect than Claire Barrett to show you what you can do to make your wedding memories perfect! From someone who has just read her bio, I am telling you if you want to feel inspired and want to know more about Claire, go to her website and have a read. Then be sure to enter the below giveaway!

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