Tuesday, December 2, 2014

THOUGHTS TUESDAY: The Pinterest + Wedding Blog Death Trap

Don't get me wrong when I say I love Pinterest. I just wrote an entire article on why I love Pinterest and how it is such a powerful tool within my industry for Aspiring Planner. However, I like to think of Pinterest also as a Death Trap at times. Not like you are going to die or anything of course, but it can be detrimental and an extremely stressful place to go browsing during the wedding planning process and the wedding dress buying experience. So today I am here to talk about my advice and my pinning timeline for brides that will help you successfully avoid the Death Trap while also using it to your full advantage to get all the benefits that it has to offer. Along for my rambling Thoughts Tuesday are some of my favorite pins of the week, which is a real treat for me since I no longer ever have free time to just peruse Pinterest.

1. Use it in the beginning. Pin, pin, pin as much as you want following the proposal. Minimal direction at this point needed. Just pin things that inspire you, colors that speak to you, designs that you love. Think of this as the brainstorming phase. Feel free now to go hogwild crazy now that you finally have that ring on your finger and it is now socially acceptable for you to be pinning like a madman all those wedding pins. Just don't get caught at work doing this... well, unless you are our Baby Beau team members... in which case we fully encourage them to be pinning constantly so that they can be fully immersed into the world of weddings. 

2. Theme/colors are set. Now its time to slow down on the pinning madness and narrow your focus big time. If you are someone who can be a conscious pinner then feel free to get on daily; however, if you are someone with little control and who easily gets excited over every little pretty thing you see then I would highly recommend easing off your Pinterest addiction. My reasoning behind this is that if you keep going on the site, seeing new themes, new colors, you may start to question your original decision and get extremely overwhelmed and unsure of the direction you feel you need to be going in as you are now being pulled down multiple different paths. And being pulled down multiple different paths will undoubtedly lead you to the Death Trap. And at the end of the day, you picked that theme and those colors before with your fiance for a reason. So stick with that, and focus. So for you conscious Pinners, go on Pinterest and use it to your full advantage by finding pins that fit within your theme and colors. Have the control to say, "why yes that is a really pretty pin but no Nicole, no no no that does not fit with the theme and colors we have already picked." So at this point you need to determine how high your willpower is and figure out how much Pinterest use you can really allow yourself.

3. Fine tuning. If working with us as your wedding planner then this stage is unnecessary since we do this for you by looking at your Pinterest boards to find a common theme and pull together inspiration for your wedding. Also, what a lot of our clients will do is they will clean their wedding pin board down to all the pins that they really really love and get rid of the junk. This helps us narrow our direction and fine tune every little detail so that we know which way we are going. The awesome part is that once your board is fine tuned you can simply just use the board and the pins on it to help your vendors get a clear vision of your wedding day aesthetic as opposed to feeling like you need to keep on pinning. Maybe now you can start pinning your dream living room? Palette living plant wall for your house? DIY teepee for your cats? Just throwing some ideas out there of things I like to pin in my free time... 

Now in regards to the dress..

1. Find the dress. I love using wedding blogs + Pinterest to see what brides are wearing, styles they are loving, fabrics that are popular and for finding new dress designers I have never heard of before. This was the tool that we used when trying to seek out new designers for our Pop-Up Shops and it worked really well. I think both resources are great for brides as well for 3 reasons. 1. Styles of dresses and themes - if they see a lovely ballgown they are obsessed with they can get some ideas of how that style dress fits with different wedding themes/looks. 2. Finding designers they have never heard of!! There are so many amazing designers out there and this is one of the best ways to see and find some incredible designers. 3. Colors - it can help brides get an idea of color palettes that look really nicely with a dress. That being said, I highly recommend checking out wedding blogs + Pinterest after that proposal to get some ideas of dresses and silhouettes you are loving.

2. Shopping for the dress. Yes I do recommend having an idea of what you are looking for prior to coming in and we welcome brides in who bring in pictures of the dress they are looking for. However, my biggest advice here is don't get trapped in and stuck on a dress that you love online on some other bride. You are your own person. And that dress may not be your dress. Doesn't mean it is not a pretty dress. Doesn't mean you're not pretty because you are pretty. But maybe your dream dress isn't what every other bride is wearing but rather something completely unexpected yet completely perfect for you, your body, and your personality. And there is nothing wrong with that. So we always recommend brides being open to trying on other styles and silhouettes while shopping with us. You really never know until you try it. {Insert personal story here: My best friend, Rachel, is getting married next year and came to shop with us a few weeks ago. I pretty much made her try on about 50 dresses just for fun, but I had a few in mind that I thought she would really love. When I gave her "the dress" to first try on she said in her sarcastic self, "What the @#%*#@($* Nicole is this!?" I patiently, like I always am *insert snicker here* said "Just try it, trust meeeeeee." And would you look at that... it was the dress. #nicolewinning.} So like I said... it might not be that dress you are obsessing over online, but the dress is going to be perfect in every way because it fits you the way it needs to fit you and I don't mean in the alterations way, I mean in the jaw-dropping wow-that-is-her-dress-she-looks-amazing-in-it-because-it-is-so-her way. Love you Rachel. :)

3. Stop shopping. You said yes to the dress. Stop shopping. It will not lead to anything good. There will always be a new dress out there that yes, might be prettier than your dress. If you keep looking you can always find something else or something better. Its like that saying about the grass being greener on the other side. But maybe its not. And its kind of like that moment when you found your fiance and you said yes. Are you going to keep looking? You sure as hell better not if you want a successful marriage. And so the moral of the story is just stop shopping. You said yes to that dress because you had a moment in it and it was perfect and it was you. Stop looking at other brides in their wedding dresses on wedding blogs and on Pinterest because you've already committed to a dress. This is the major Death Trap part I'm talking about. 

{Photo Credits} Bar via Ruffled, photography by Steve Cowell // Black Wedding Dress via Style Me Pretty, photography by Amanda K Photo Art // Star Lighting via Style Me Pretty, photography by Jodie Chapman // Leather Jacket + Dress via Style Me Pretty, photography by One Love Photography // Glitter Photobooth via Ruche Magazine // Cake via Brides Magazine // Black Veil via Grey Likes Weddings, photography by Mariel Hannah // Cake via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Max & Friends // Flowers via Design Sponge // Wheel via Buzzfeed, photography by Studio 29 // Bouquet via Ruffled, photography by Melissa McCrotty // "And so the Adventure Begins" sign via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Dan O'Day 

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