Thursday, December 11, 2014

DIY THURSDAY Beaded Headband

I love beading. Love love beads! I love how with such tiny beads you can create a work of art! For our Gems + Rocks valentines shoot, we needed something for the brides hair. And what better way to incorporate gems then into a headband! This is a super easy project, and you can use any type of beads. For this one, we used glass chip beads in purples and greens, but you could always use more rounded ones for a smoother finish. First, you take the 2mm wire, and lay out how long you want it to be. Using wire cutters, cut to the desired length (but make sure to leave extra on the ends!) Then you start adding beads! For this one, I added them completely at random, but you could always do by color for an ombre feel, or even patterned! Once all of the beads are on, you twist the wire closed on the ends, and add a loop so you can easily bobby pin it in the hair! If you want it to adjust, just tie the wired ends to a hair tie, and that will allow it to stretch to different head widths! See? Fast and easy! This is perfect not only for your wedding, but for going out! You can make them in every color to go with every outfit!

{Photo Credits} Photography by Mackensey Alexander // Makeup by Heather of Beyond Beautiful by Heather
{Shopping Guide} Gold wire, purple beads, and green beads from Panda Hall

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