Tuesday, September 2, 2014

THOUGHTS TUESDAY #6: Ivory + Beau Dinosaurs

Why dinosaurs? This is a question we hear pretty much every single day. I guess my first reply is why not? Why not have a mascot that makes absolutely no sense at all and that are hidden all over your store. From underneath the dress racks, to the top looking down on you, to our desk, to our bar cart filled with accessories. They are everywhere. And Wilbur. Don't even get me started on Wilbur. He adorns the wall as you walk into our shop. So back to the question, why dinosaurs? I guess why not really isn't a very valid answer at all. So I guess today I am going to explain, why dinosaurs. Here goes...

I've always liked dinosaurs as a kid growing up. I can remember having a big picture book with dinosaurs and I can remember watching Land Before Time all the time on television. I had a little boy friend (not boyfriend, I was definitely that super awkward ugly ginger kid who none of the boys ever liked you can trust me on that one.) But anyway, so I had a little boy friend and we used to play monster trucks and dinosaurs together. And I just always liked them. As I grew up I guess I got away from it but when back in the wedding industry I became enamored with the little gold dinosaurs that I had seen on wedding blogs and I just was drawn to them. When I got my first real girl place I went out and bought some dinosaurs, sprayed them gold and they hung out in my living room and I loved them.

Fast forward a few months when Adrienna + I started decorating the shop and I was also in the process of moving from my home to a new home downtown. I had all these crazy dinosaurs with no where to put them since I was moving to a smaller place. So like most of my inventory stuff for weddings that was taking over my house I brought it all to the shop. Including a box full of gold dinosaurs. We loved it. It made us happy. We put them around the shop in all the nicks and crannies you can think of. Adrienna found a large t-rex golden head dinosaur, Wilbur, online and we oohed and aahed over how cool he was. We agreed that after we sold our first gown we would buy Wilbur. And we sold our first gown and we did just that. We bought Wilbur. And we gave Wilbur a home on our wall. And it slowly transformed into our mascot.

The meaning behind the dinosaurs has transformed and evolved, unlike dinosaurs were ever able to do since I guess unfortunately extinction is forever. The dinosaurs in our shop have evolved and to us they now represent our mission as a bridal shop. We strive to make shopping for your wedding gown a happy and fun experience. We don't want to be a stuffy bridal shop. We want our brides to be comfortable and feel at home when walking in. With the vintage furniture, which feels like a living room to the gold dinosaurs everywhere we want brides to feel like she is in a fun and comfortable environment. And so the dinosaurs serve as a daily reminder of what we want, what we stand for, and what we want every bride's experience to be like. Mascot is born. And mascot will stay.

{Photo Credits} All images via Nicole's iPhone

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