Wednesday, August 27, 2014

THOUGHTS TUESDAY #5: Bride by Design, Heidi Elnora's TV Show

Before anything, I will say that sometimes most of the time I get seriously distracted. And I will start on a blog post and then instead of finishing the blog post I'll go off and do something completely different and unrelated and never finish the blog post. So that being said, I started on this post a week ago... got distracted with wedding planning e-mails and what not... finished 3/4 of it yesterday on Tuesday... got even more distracted... and now am forcing myself. Literally forcing myself to finish this. So that being said, please enjoy and now you know that we have blogging marathons and sometimes post things that we aren't even writing the same day... now you know our huge big dark secret. Moving along, please enjoy my Thoughts Tuesday blog post...

I'm really excited to write today's blog post because before I write it I'll be doing some field research. And when I say field research I really mean watching some Bride by Design, Heidi's Elnora's new TV show on TLC. The concept behind the show stems from Heidi's passion of helping brides feel like they are one-of-a-kind in a one-of-a-kind dress on their wedding day. Heidi's Build A Bride collection is all about giving brides additions to a staple gown, whether its a simple princess cut sweetheart dress with a fit and flare skirt or an a-line chiffon dress with added on cap sleeves, lace overlays or peplum skirts... there are so many options. Another reason I am excited to write this post is because our Pop-Up Shop with Heidi Elnora starts this week and we get to see the collection in person and for those brides who are coming to shop with us this weekend they will get to check out the dresses as well. Heidi is also a SCAD alumni and was a contestant on Project Runway. Anyway, now for some reasons why I am loving this show + think it is a great show for brides to be to watch...

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1. It's not just entertaining but informative. In one of the episodes Heidi works one on one with a bride for her fitting once she's already found her dress. So many brides we work with will really have no idea about alterations, fittings and what that really means. Most brides who buy a dress with us end up having 2-3 fittings with our alterations specialist before their big day. So its so important that during those fittings brides work really closely with their alterations specialist to make sure their dress is everything they ever dreamed of, fits comfortably and perfectly.

2. The concept of custom!!! We love love love this. While we don't carry Heidi Elnora's Build A Bride collection, we do have bridal separates, which is a similar concept. Our bridal separates + short dresses give bride's the choice of picking the top or short dress that fits them perfect with the skirt that flows just the way they want. We love that this show is on TV because it will show brides not to be afraid of a little customization!! More often then not we get brides who come in, describe their dream dress, and then we show them the bridal separate top or short dress and bottom that is exactly what they are dreaming of and they are completely against trying them on. I mean, they will literally downright refuse to even try them on. So I love that Heidi is stepping out of the box and really showing brides this new concept because like I said already we love it, and we know with a little open mindedness brides will love the Build A Bride collection as well as bridal separates!

Complete side note not really at all its actually a related note... we got Heidi Elnora's Pop-Up Shop today and they are AMAZING. Look here and here on our Instagram!

{Photo Credits} Heidi Elnora Bride w/Logo via Heidi Elnora // Show Images via TLC

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