Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Alvina Valenta is one of our newest designers we recently added to Ivory + Beau and we are seriously head over heels in love with every single dress from this collection. But really. These gowns are serious show stoppers. I can still remember when Adrienna + I were perusing through the dresses on their website trying to pick our favorites to buy for the store and we would just spend hours looking at them. And then we would do it again the next day. Even though we already knew which ones we wanted, we just couldn't stop ourselves from looking again and again and again. And even now some days I'll stop and think to myself, which dresses are we getting again? And then I'll go look at their website some more. That being said we are so excited that we are an official retailer that carries Alvina Valenta permanently and we are having a Trunk Show where we will have even more of their gowns from August 2nd through August 9th. So now let me tell you a little about why I love them so much...

1. Oh my, is that a mermaid!? If you know me... then you know that I looooove mermaid gowns. The more poof and drama at the bottom, the more I am in love. But really. These mermaid gowns put real mermaid tails to shame. 

2. Exquisite attention to detail. From the buttons down the back of these gowns, to the hidden lace under the tulle, to the incredible beadwork, to the layers upon layers upon layers of tulle. These dresses are just incredible. When we started getting them in the store we were just so in awe at all the little details of these gowns that you can't even see from just looking at a picture online. They really are a beauty that is meant to be seen up close and personal.

3. Amazing construction and craftmanship. No need for a slip or corset bra with these dresses. They have incredible structure not just on the top layer but to the very depth of the inside of the dress. They have boning that helps keep everything in place. Krenolin that keeps the skirt full and poofy. And the lining is of the best materials yet still soft against the skin as opposed to being itchy.

4. Low back anybody? One of the season's hottest trends is the sexy low back. And Alvina Valenta does low back like it is their specialty. So not just are those looking at your front saying oh wow beautiful, but the guests behind you are probably also saying oh wow to that glamorous low back.

If you are interested in this designer and would like to schedule an appointment to come check out these dresses click here, call us at (912)200-4794 or e-mail at!

{Photo Credits} Alvina Valenta via JLM Couture

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