Tuesday, July 29, 2014

TUESDAY THOUGHTS #2: Ivory + Beau Bucket List

Today on our Tuesday Thoughts we are thinking and talking about our Bucket List. Not for us personally but rather our Bucket List for the store. We think its important to always have goals, dreams, aspirations in life and so that is our tip for you in your life. So today we talk about our wildest dreams that aren't actually so wild that they won't ever happen... at least they better not ever happen. Hmm...

1. Get a bigger space... Or at least a space with more racks to hold dresses and more fitting rooms. This is a big one. That isn't going to be easy. It's going to take a lot of hard work. But we got this and will do this. And honestly it's not so crazy to think about. We have only been open since January and we are already running out of space. And hangers. Well, not anymore since Adrienna just ordered more. But seriously... realistically we can only hold about 140-150 max dresses without everything getting cramped. And who wants to walk into a boutique where the dresses are all wrinkly, cramped, and not given their proper love and care? We don't want that. Not at all. But at the same time, we love dresses. We love options. We love variety. And considering the fact we already have doubled our inventory of dresses since January and then we are heading to New York Bridal Market in October to buy even more dresses well... I'd say that we are going to definitely be needing some more dress racks in the future.

2. Get a store cat and dog. This goes hand in hand with a bigger space. We want a space where we can have pets in the shop. Adrienna wants a super fat fluffy white cat and I want a French Bulldog. And they will chase each other around, greet guests, and cuddle all over the place. The cat will be named Ivory and the French Bulldog named Beau.

3. Hire a sales consultant. Nuff said.

4. Sell 360 dresses in a year. Every day. One dress. Making dreams come true one day at a time. Now that would be a major milestone for both of us.

5. Lend a bridal gown to a styled shoot to Rhiannon Nicole of Hey Gorgeous Events. I don't even think I need to add anything. I pretty much am in love with everything this wedding planner/event designer does and I would probably cry a little if she ever used one of our dresses in one of her shoots. I have admired her since the very day that Layla Mayville of now Blue Mason Jar Studios showed me her website and she has been such a role model and idol from afar. So this would just be like wow.

6. Be on the cover of a national magazine. I would definitely cry if this ever happened. Big time. This would be the biggest dream come true ever. Ever. Someday? Oh I do so hope. Just one of our dresses that's all. I mean if this ever happens I'm throwing a party with free champagne for everybody.

7. Have our shop featured on a TV show. This may be the least realistic but would be seriously cool.

8. Attend a Floral Workshop by Amy Osaba. She is seriously incredible. Her floral designs are just freaking phenomenal and we would just love to be able to attend and learn from the best. And we will attend and learn from her soon. Hopefully next year is the goal. This is by far the most attainable item on our Bucket List, especially since Amy Osaba is located in Atlanta.

And that's all for now kids. :) Thanks for reading!!

{Photo Credits} French Bulldog via Dreamy Whites // Cat via Mr. Light Chaser {Bridal Gowns} "Cascade" via Sarah Seven // "Justine" via Faith Thornburg // "Blushing" by Sarah Seven via Lovely Bride // "1409" by Blush by Hayley Paige via Bridal Guide // "Blythe" by Sarah Seven via Ceremony Boston // "Marlo" by Elaya Vaughn via Ivory + Beau's Bridal Editorial, photography by Izzy Hudgins {Amy Osaba Florals} Amy Osaba with Arrangement via Style Me Pretty, photography by Rylee Hitchner // Bouquet via Amy Osaba Events, photography by Juliet Elizabeth Photography // Flower Arranging on Table via Style Me Pretty, photography by Rylee Hitchner // Floral Wall via Magnolia Rouge, photography by Ali Harper // Camp Workshop, photography by Haley Sheffield // Indian Summer Workshop via 100 Layer Cake, photography by Our Labor of Love

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  1. I LOVE this bucket list! Makes me want to create my own. I am confident that you girls will accomplish all of this and more!

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