Thursday, July 10, 2014

SIMPLY WED: Terra + Justin {Guest Series} How to be a Better Guest

So... if you all follow our Instagram and Facebook you will know that in June I went to Oregon where I was a guest at a friend from college's wedding. Anyway, this just obviously sparked a blog post idea. So here it goes... My tips on how to be a better guest. Not that I wasn't a fabulous guest or anything but I mean... there are definitely things I think I learned being on the other side of things and I just felt the need to share my vastly increased knowledge with you all. And of course I wanted to share some pictures I took while there!

#1. Don't ever pick your shoes first. Okay maybe this is just a rule for real life everyday being a female. Well, it probably is. But seriously, do not ever do this. I went to Oglethorpe Mall in Savannah 4 times and Savannah Mall twice before leaving for Oregon. Then arriving in Oregon I went to Washington Square twice. The first time walking through all the stores I shop at twice. After leaving Washington Square for the second time I was seriously starting to get nervous... Actually you know maybe this tip should just be... Don't ever pick out blue studded funky ass shoes first and try to match anything to them. That was the real problem here. But still I was determined to wear these wedges. So anyway, thank goodness with a stroke of luck I found the perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding that matched these badass wedges perfectly at Nordstrom Rack. But never again will I pick the shoes out first because that was really stressful.

#2. Plan your transportation sooner then 45 minutes before the wedding. If the bride and groom do not have transportation for all guests I would highly suggest planning ahead. Unless you plan to drive yourself, taxis are great; however, if the wedding is 30 minutes away you obviously are probably going to want to carpool. And I would suggest coordinating this with whoever you are going to carpool with sooner then 45 minutes before the wedding. Makes things much less stressful when you aren't worrying that you will be arriving late.

#3. Put your phone away for the ceremony. This is one thing I am really proud of myself for. Although maybe I just put my phone away and wasn't taking pictures because guests got to have parasols and so the parasols in front of me were blocking me from taking any really good ceremony pictures. And I will admit I did snap one picture of the ceremony. Okay maybe two... err or four. Whatever, doesn't matter. I did really good by only taking a couple and then I paid attention to the ceremony. And ya know, the pictures I got aren't even good because the angles are all wonky so it just wasn't even worth it to take my eyes off the ceremony going on before me. So just put your phone away, enjoy the ceremony, because lets be real... their professional photographer is going to get a way better picture than your iPhone ever will.

#4. Don't forget to take a favor. I am seriously bummed about this one. Terra + Justin had the most adorable little bags with custom printed labels that were favors for guests to take peaches and apricots in and I completely forgot mine. I could have woken up to a delicious peach and apricot for breakfast. But no.

#5. Get a good night sleep the night before the wedding or take a nap. While I will say I don't regret this at all since I had a blast the day before at Terra + Justin's bridal shower... I will say that I wish I had either forced myself to sleep in longer than 6am (i.e. Savannah time for 9am) or taken a nap at some point during the day before getting ready because by 10pm I was exhausted and I wish I could have partaken in the after party events but there was just no way after filling my belly with a delicious family style meal, the most fantastic cake ever, and several kraft beers + red wine that I could even keep my eyes open at that point.

#6. Have the most fun ever and dance like a fool. This is not just my tip for being a wedding guest but really and truly my tip for being a human being with a pumping heart. I just think its so important that in any moment in your life you should try your hardest to make it the most fun ever. And I just really feel like if you feel like dancing like a fool that you should probably just do it rather than waste your life being embarrassed of how ridiculously weird you are because I'd rather be ridiculously weird than ridiculously boring. Party on kids.

Huge thank you to Terra + Justin for throwing an amazing wedding and for inviting me!!!! I love you both and am so so happy for the two of you and know you have so many fun years ahead of you!!!!!!!!!!! And Terra way to be the most gorgeous ever in your beautiful gown!!!! Hugest congratulations ever!!!!

<3 Sincerely, Nicole

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