Thursday, July 3, 2014

SIMPLY INSPIRATION: Preppy Fourth of July

Pretty excited about this wedding inspiration board right now for a few reasons:

1. I have not made a wedding inspiration board in months. Basically I am the most OCD person ever when it comes to anything regarding blogging, inspiration boards, graphic design in general... and so when I make an inspiration board it takes me about 387328473284x longer than when Adrienna whips up an inspiration board. Seriously, she is so fast. So good. So badass. I guess that's why we call her Kitty Cat Boss. Cats are fast right? I mean... I know mine sure are when they decide in the middle of the night to chase each other back and forth across my bed pouncing on me making it really fun trying to stay asleep... 

2. I used a picture from our bridal editorial photographed by Izzy Hudgins!!!! It's so fun getting to include something that we had a part of in one of our wedding inspiration boards. Zoe is rocking a Twigs & Honey birdcage with a Sarah Seven gown that just screams fireworks + sparklers to me since it has silver sequin twirly designs on the top of it. And that red lipstick by Michelle Royal? I am obsessed and lets be real, red lipstick is a must for a 4th of July wedding!!

3. Dog anybody? Flower collar anybody? Obsessed. Winnie needs one on a daily basis. Oh wow... does that exist? Is there somebody on Etsy that makes fabric floral dog collars? If you know of anyone please send my way... dead serious that I want one for Winnie. Oh screw it... I want one for the whole gang... Winnie, Tigger + Roo you all are going to be rocking fabric floral crowns. Okay, well maybe not Tigger (the boy cat)... but maybe. And if there is not someone that makes these than I think that is something that somebody needs to get on right away. Then contact me and I will gladly be your first customer. Ohhh even more brilliant idea is to have mini mouse skulls in the cat floral collars. Or is that too vulgar? Did I go too far? Hmm... 

Anyway, we will be closed July 4th and 5th in celebration of the holiday weekend and will be reopening on Tuesday July 8th regular business hours!! We wish you all a very happy + safe 4th of July weekend!!!! 

{Vendor Credits} Bride via Ivory + Beau, wearing Sarah Seven gown and Twigs & Honey headpiece (both available at Ivory + Beau), photography by Izzy Hudgins, hair & makeup by Michelle Royal // Dog via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Mirelle Carmichael // Boutonniere via Southern Weddings, photography by Anna Hedges // Mini Pies via Style Me Pretty // Blue China via Style Me Pretty, photography by Antony Merat // Floral Decor via Rock n Roll Bride, photography by Caro Hutchings // Cake via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Starfish Studios // Reception Decor via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Morgan Trinker

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