Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SIMPLY ENGAGED: Chelsea + Charles

How + Where You Met:

We met in Tallahassee where I was attending FSU. I was a member of a sorority and lived in the sorority house. Chaz was one of the kitchen boys and would be at the house every night. Over the span of 2 years at the house we slowly started to talk and officially started dating Jan 2nd 2012!

The Proposal: 
When we started dating a couple of years ago Chaz had given me a ring pop and joked around that I would have to keep it forever.... and I actually did!..  but on my birthday this past year (September 20th) I had just gotten home from work and Chaz walked through the front door with a birthday present for me. We sat down on the couch and as I opened the bag he had gotten me a wallet I had been wanting... I was pretty excited and he then told me there was some candy in the bag that I should eat. Being a huge fan of candy I opened a ring pop right away to find that the candy ring had been replaced with an engagement ring! When I looked up Chaz was on his knee and asked if I would make him the happiest man!

Why Savannah?

My mom and sister currently live in Savannah and after visiting a few times we fell in love with the city and would always escape downtown for a night whenever we got the chance.

Wedding Date:
April 10th 2015

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?

We are both most excited for the first sight of each other on the big day. Walking down the aisle and seeing each other will be a memory we will both hold on to forever!

Thank you Chelsea + Charles for sharing this for us! We can't wait for your wedding next April at the Roundhouse! 

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