Friday, July 11, 2014

DESIGNER FEATURE: Kirribilla + a Pop-Up Shop

Wednesday we received a ginormous shipment of new dresses. See here on our Instagram. It was Christmas. All but one of those boxes was filled with short white wedding dresses and colorful short dresses from Kirribilla for our Pop-Up Shop. So many dresses that we actually ran out of hangers and were only able to hang the majority of them. These dresses are available for purchase off the floor and we will have them in stock now through July 26th! Anyway, we are so in love with these fun little short dresses from this designer so we just wanted to share more!!! And now for our reasons why we love Kirribilla:

1. We love reception dresses. They are fun, playful, and seriously so perfect for summer weddings in the south where it is hotter than hot. Kirribilla's "I Do" Collection of short little white dresses is absolutely perfect for a bride looking to change out of her gown after the ceremony when she is ready to really get down on the dance floor. Or for a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, getaway or honeymoon dress.

2. Colors and textures galore. These dresses have the funnest colors and textured fabrics. There are a ton of options to choose from!!

3. Preppy and made in San Francisco!!!!!! We are in love with the preppy silhouettes and styles of these dresses. These dresses are the perfect amount of preppy and pretty. AND these dresses are made in the US. We of course love supporting designers who have dresses made here as opposed to outsourcing to other countries.

So for all you brides out there looking for a short wedding dress, a bridal shower dress, a reception dress or a getaway dress contact us today to set up an appointment to come check out the entire Kirribilla collection!!!

{Photo Credits} All images via Kirribilla

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