Friday, May 23, 2014

SIMPLY PLANNING: {How to be a Guest Series #1} What to Wear

It's been forever since I've really sat down and taken the time to write a long blog post, but I woke up this morning and just really felt like it was time to get back into it. So here it is... my first blog post about being a guest at a wedding. The inspiration for this post? I get to attend a wedding this June in Hood River, Oregon as a guest. Seriously guys this is a huge deal. I can't even explain my excitement at getting to be an actual guest and not be working. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job and love working weddings but of course every once in a while I think, gee, look at how much fun those guests are having... all reunited from all over the United States... dancing together... laughing together... goofing off together... I want to be doing that. I am good at doing that tooooooo. Let me do that pleaaaaaaase. Can I? Just once? I promise just once will be enough?? And oh yeahh my dream came true. So here it is. My chance to go to a wedding as a guest and have a great time and just enjoy myself... and in an absolutely beautiful location too.

So that brings me to this... what does a guest wear to a wedding? Here are my top 5 choices from Rent the Runway:

My 5 top tips for picking out your wedding guest attire: 

1. Do not wear red. Just don't. Some may think its an old rule but I say just don't do it. 
2. Do not wear white... or any variation of white (ivory, tan, beige, champagne nude, you get the point.) Champagne is the new white. Well, mostly ivory is. And trust me, you don't want to blend in with the color of the bride. Even be careful when considering a pale gold dress... we have several pale gold shimmery gowns at our shop and the last thing you want is for the bride to be rocking something like that and you are matching the bride.
3. You are not going to a club. Keep it classy. No titties hanging out, no shorter than short dresses with your booty hanging out. Just don't do it. 
4. No crazy prints. Again, I just don't feel like it is appropriate to be standing out. Period.
5. Dress for the setting + the venue (or at least what you know of it.) Insert tip to bride + groom: use your wedding website to describe to guests the aesthetic of the wedding... whether its a casual low country boil or a black tie formal event, they at least deserve to have somewhat of an idea. I can promise you I would not wear the same dress to a low country boil where I will be shoving my face with corn on the cob + potatoes as I would to a formal event where I will be sipping fancy cocktails.     

Moral of the Story: You don't want to stick out in any way. This is not your day. Just like you wouldn't want a wedding guest stealing the spotlight on your day. So be courteous, wear something fabulous and still look great without trying to be the center of attention. 

If you liked reading this post then stay tuned! I'll be blogging throughout my experience as a guest at Terra + Justin's wedding this summer and including all sorts of fun tips for being a guest as well as sharing all the fun details of my trip!! Also, follow us on Instagram from daily posts of pretties + sneaks into my vacation!!!!! Happy Friday ya'll! 

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