Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why We Love Our Designers #3: Bridal Accessories Designers

So you saw a bridal accessory you love on Pinterest. But you also saw another bridal accessory you saw on Pinterest. And maybe even you saw a third. And you just love them all, well parts of them. And you're thinking to yourself, now if these two accessories were combined and this one had the tulle and rhinestones mixed with the feathers and pearls from this one plus the glitter from this third one then everything would be complete + you would finally be ready to get married. We understand. It's important to find that perfect piece that completes the entire look. That piece that says, I am the bride. I am getting married. I am ready. I am in love. And this is what I'm going to wear to say I do in. We get it. We really do. The perfect sash can make or break a dress. The perfect veil can change a dress from just a dress to oh my gosh that's my dress. The perfect headpiece can bring out that Great Gatsby look you wanted to rock so bad. We seriously seriously get it. And we want to be a part of this process just as much as we want to be a part of shopping for your wedding dress.

But... this post isn't about why you should come shop with us for your wedding dress (although you should). But no... this post is about why you should come shop with us for your bridal accessories. Enlist prettiness in pictures now with some words mixed in just to keep things interesting.

1. We now have 5 bridal accessories-only designers* plus 2 bridal designers who also have accessories. That's 7 designers. 7 handpicked by us designers. 7 awesome designers who rock. 7 designers with a crazy large assortment of options to choose from. Now that doesn't mean we have every single thing from these designer's collections in our store... but... you know what's different about shopping at a boutique as opposed to a chain??? We can work directly with you and our designers to bring your dream accessory directly to you. That's right. And this is honestly the part we love the most. So if you are looking for a bridal accessory send us pictures of what you love. And you know what we are going to do for you?! We are going to first pick out the pieces we do have in stock that we think will fit your vision and we are going to get those ready for you to look at and then... we are going to scour our designer's collections of what we don't currently carry and then we are going to ask them to ship it directly to us just for you. True life. It just happened. And it was awesome. And this is why we love our designers so much. Because they want to make your dreams come true too. They want you to feel beautiful on your wedding day just as much as we do. So contact us today with your dream bridal accessory + we will find it and bring it to you. It's our mission in life and it's why we opened this shop and it's what we love doing.

2. So maybe your dream bridal accessory doesn't exist yet. Maybe it's just not out there. Maybe you just really want cat lace on a tulle bow with rhinestones and pearls in it and that just hasn't ever been made. Because maybe you are just that bride who is so unique and so awesome that you are a trendsetter and what you want is so awesome that it has just never been done. Do not fret. We recently added a brand new designer who is local to Savannah. So if you are interested in having a completely custom bridal accessory made just for you then call us. We will contact our awesome bridal accessory designer and we will have her come in just for you. Pretty cool huh? I think it's cool. I also think that both Adrienna + I are super jealous of the bride who found kitty cat lace on Etsy and is getting a custom headpiece made... Just saying.

So, are you looking for the perfect bridal accessory to complete your look and to bring everything together?? Well, call us, e-mail us with pictures of what you want, and we will get you set up with a bridal accessories appointment and then all will be complete with the world. I mean with your bridal attire. ;)

Huge huge huge thank you to our amazing bridal accessories designers: Hushed Commotion, Twigs & Honey, Jaclyn Jordan, Recherche, Stella's Design, Elaya Vaughn and Faith Thornburg!!! We are obsessed with every single one of you and are super thankful for how amazing to work with you all have been!!!!

*Stella's Design and Recherche coming soon!!

{Photo Credits} [First Board] Hushed Commotion sash // Stella's Design headpiece // Jaclyn Jordan sashes // Jaclyn Jordan veil // Stella's Design headpiece // Hushed Commotion sash // Jaclyn Jordan veil // Twigs & Honey veil [Second Board] Stella's Design headpiece // Hushed Commotion sash // Stella's Design headpiece // Jaclyn Jordan veil // Twigs & Honey sash // Recherche veil // Jaclyn Jordan Sash

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