Thursday, April 3, 2014

POP-UP SHOP: Alvina Valenta

So excited to announce our newest pop-up shop that arrived today and that will be lasting almost the entire month of April!!! Our shop is feeling full + we are absolutely loving it! With so many options right now this is a great time to come in and check out what we have!!

The Designer: Jessica Williams is the designer behind both Alvina Valenta and Ti Adora (2 collections we are adding to Ivory + Beau in the next few months.) And little did I know this 2 minutes ago but when checking out her Designer Profile on JLM Couture I just squealed with excitement when I saw that she grew up in Oregon!!!!!!! Like me!!!!!!! Anyway, excitement aside. Jessica now lives in New York City designing away now for her own collections after first working with Priscilla of Boston.

The Collection: Jessica's collections are described as being classic, feminine, refreshing, contemporary, breathing modern romance with styles that are classic, with clean lines and sophisticated silhouettes. Her gowns are sexy and sweet, timeless and elegant, and effortless chic. These dresses are amazing. Truly amazing. We just absolutely love them all and we know you all will too. We are so excited to be able to showcase the Fall 2013 collection before receiving our very own Alvina Valenta samples!!! Yup, that's right. Alvina Valenta is one of the bridal designers we are adding permanently to Ivory + Beau along with the sister collection, Ti Adora. **Coming soon!**

Price Range: $1300-4200

Pop-Up Shop Dates: April 3rd - April 27th

Make an appointment today to come in and check out these gorgeous gowns while we have them!! You can call us at (912)200-4794 or e-mail at or click here to set up a time to come by!!

{Photo Credits} Alvina Valenta via JLM Couture // Information on designer via Designer Profile

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