Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why We Love Our Designers #1: Kate Pankoke of Elaya Vaughn Bridal + Project Runway Contestant

So... today I am back to blogging. It's been so weird not blogging lately. Adrienna has really been a master blogger fiend but I am back today with a vengeance for a new blogging series I thought up while ermm... sleeping? I'm not sure where I thought of it. But whatever, I thought of it, I loved the idea and so here I am typing away with this new blogging series to talk about "Why We Love Our Designers." And today I'm starting with a designer who actually was one of our brides before being one of our bridal designers at Ivory + Beau.... Kate Pankoke. Also, this post is just in time to kick off our Elaya Vaughn Trunk Show starting tomorrow!! Also, Kate herself will be at Ivory + Beau tomorrow through Sunday March 16th!!! If you are interested in meeting the designer call us today at (912)200-4794 or e-mail at to make an appointment to come in!!

With that being said... here is why we love Kate Pankoke:

1. She is a ginger. And super cute. And gingers rule the world. And I'm super impartial to pretty gingers because I'm a ginger. And yeah. Enough said. But really. Nothing else needed to add here.

2. She is younger than me + been on a TV show. And I'm super young. Well not super young. Not like Adrienna young. But still 25 years young. So she's younger than 25... and she's been on Project Runway not once but twice (being on a TV show is something which is definitely on my bucket list, but at this rate might not ever happen since we keep scheduling trunk shows + more styled shoots for Ivory + Beau so not really sure when I will ever have time to travel away from Savannah to film a TV show but hey a girl can dream right?)

3. She hired me as her day-of wedding coordinator. Kate probably doesn't know this, but I guess well now she does... but I was super super super super super excited when Kate + Zach told me that they wanted me to be her day-of gal. I mean super. How cool to be helping out a Project Runway + bridal designer on her wedding day? It's awesome too because with most of my clients the contact with them ceases completely after the wedding (except for several who are freaking amazing and continued supporters of Ivory + Beau on Facebook and Instagram - love you ladies out there for this, it seriously melts my heart for real, no lies because I don't lie.) Anyway, back to Kate. So it's really really really cool that I get to have a continuing relationship with one of my clients in a whole new way and now after she hired me, it's kind of like we get to help her and her business by spreading her beautiful wedding designs to the South. This just makes me happy. Ohh and she designed her own wedding dress... which was seriously gorgeous by the way. Don't you think!? Her wedding will be up on Style Me Pretty soon and we just can't wait to share all the gorgeousness captured by Shannon Christopher of her + Zach's big day at Brockington Hall.

4. She is not afraid of a colored wedding dress. We at Ivory + Beau just love anything quirky, funky, unique and modern and Kate's dresses are just that. We love a bride who isn't afraid of color too. We are pretty excited especially about her blue sparkly wedding dress and her lavender floral print gown + her gray ball gown. We don't have these as part of our permanent inventory but all of her collection arrives tomorrow at Ivory + Beau and we cannot wait!!! We do love our 3 gowns we have from the Elaya Vaughn line though: a gorgeous sweetheart mermaid gown, a backless silky gown that is reminiscent of a Grecian goddess, and by far the softest flowiest ballgown I have ever felt. To see her entire collection that arrives tomorrow check out her website here! Also, huge thank you to Izzy Hudgins for capturing our Elaya Vaughn gowns for our bridal lookbook (which is in the works - coming soon whenever I get a chance to do that... which at this rate may be never but that's not true, I'll make it happen... and it will be really cool, I just know it.)

With all that being said... we cannot wait until tomorrow to hang out with Kate all day at Ivory + Beau! We hope to see you all here!! Thank you Kate for coming out to Savannah to see us!!!!!!!!! <3

{Photo Credits} Kate Pankoke and Project Runway Image via Kate herself // Wedding Images via Shannon Christopher // "Daisy," "Marlo," and "Maria" gowns from Elaya Vaughn at Ivory + Beau photographed by Izzy Hudgins

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