Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Can I just say I am beaming from ear to ear right now with Portland pride? I was born + raised in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon and while I don't have any burning desire to leave Savannah, I will always love the quirky hipster city where I don't think it ever stops raining except for maybe 10 days a year and I can honestly say I don't think I'll ever not be the same avid snowboarder, mountains + mountain men lover, donut eater, action sports aficionado girl as I was when I moved to Savannah. I may have left the Northwest for the south but the Northwest will forever be my homeland in my bones. So when I ran across bridal designer, Lynn of Lena Medoyeff, who has dresses only in Portland, Oregon I was super excited when she said she was open to bringing her gowns to Ivory + Beau. I was so so so excited even more when I realized one of Layla, previous owner of Simply Savannah Events, helped a bride from Portland who purchased her gown from Lena Medoyeff. Seriously it's a small world huh? Anyway, now that we have Lena Medoyeff gowns in our store I just have to say #portlandpride. Every day we have had these dresses in Ivory + Beau we have had a bride fall in love + say yes to her dress.

The 3d lace on these gowns is so unique, so bohemian, so soft, so pretty, so just amazing that its hard to not fall in love. These dresses also fit so differently from any other dress you will ever try on. They lay so elegantly, so perfectly. They fit every body type beautifully and conform perfectly to a bride's shape. Not just that but these dresses are not stiff but rather they stretch. So even more perfect for the bride who might be trying to lose 20 pounds. No alterations needed 20 pounds later. Now c'mon that is seriously amazing right? Considering the cost of alterations can be anywhere from $300-500... I am going to say yes that is seriously amazing. Another thing I love about these dresses is how versatile they are. Great Gatsby theme? No problem. Bohemian Bride? No problem. Elegant intimate affair? No problem. Vineyard wedding? No problem. Garden wedding? No problem. Mansion wedding? Okay seriously no problem. I could go on but this is getting obnoxious.

So to celebrate the great success of bringing this Portland designer to Savannah I figured why not put together a Portland wedding inspiration board of what my wedding would look like if I were to get married in Portland. I envision... a beautiful lace Lena Medoyeff gown, Voodoo donuts in all their shapes, sizes and funkiness, industrial inspired centerpieces, anything + everything handmade from custom chalkboard signs to hanging installations, emerald greens + blush pinks, pictures on the famous waterfront in downtown where I would spend summer afternoons riding bikes with my dad for hours and hours before popping into OMSI for a few science exhibits, and last but not least the wedding would have a touch of art deco style that fits so nicely with Portland. Well, looks like I'm done planning my wedding. Now that was super easy. Haha ;)

So lovely brides... we will have these dresses through this weekend so if you want to come by to check them out before they head back to Portland (the only state where these dresses are currently available) then give us a call at (912)200-4794 or e-mail at ivoryandbeau@gmail.com or click here to make an appointment!! And now just one more time because I am so pumped about finding this awesome designer... #portlandpride.

{Photo Credits} Bride + Groom via Green Wedding Shoes // Table Decor via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Jasmine Star // "Portland" Sign via Snippet & Ink, photography by You Look Nice Today // Downtown Portland via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Kate Harrison // Bouquet via 100 Layer Cake, photography by Taylor Lord // Reception Decor via 100 Layer Cake, photography by Leah Verwey // Centerpiece via 100 Layer Cake, photography by Emily Blake // Welcome to Portland Sign via Etsy Blog, photography by Bryan Aulick

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