Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SIMPLY ENGAGED: Latoya + Kevin

Awww, so excited to share this awesome couple's love story + engagement session by Cathy and David Photography who are having their destination wedding in Savannah this spring (they live in Chicago!) Thank you for sharing + congratulations on your future wedding!!!

December 23rd, 2012

How + Where they Met:

Kevin and I met through a mutual friend at a black tie benefit in Detroit, Michigan. Ironically Kevin was not supposed to be at the event, he was scheduled to be in New York that evening but his plans changed at the last minute. One of Kevin’s clients persuaded him to go. While there, a mutual friend I worked with introduced us to each other. Our introduction was rather short and a little awkward, but after about 6 seconds of being left alone in silence we got talking. We exchanged business cards and all during dinner Kevin texted me jokes, crazy remarks and color commentary about all the presenters you know, bad dresses, toupees, just off the wall stuff. I should have kept those texts; it was the one thing that kept me entertained, because the program was a bit dry. After dinner we agreed to meet up for a drink and literally talked the entire night. I mean the entire night! I think he asked me out to dinner around 3am. The next evening we went to a sushi restaurant; this was our first official “date.” And that’s how we met.
The Proposal:
It was during the holidays and we were visiting Kevin’s parents. After dinner we went for a walk, enjoying the cool moonlit evening. We were talking about how far we’ve come, how things were finally becoming somewhat normal, about family and about how we both have been adopted by the other’s family. Then out pops this box!
It was beautiful…tears and all.
Wedding Date:
April 25th, 2014

Why Savannah?
We both love Savannah! We've vacationed there a few times and always enjoy the architecture, the history and the feel of the town. Plus it was more convenient for our families since they are in Atlanta and Tennessee.

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?
Celebrating this wonderful time with our families and friends. I'm grateful that all our families get along great so it will be wonderful to share this time with them and create a fantastic memory that they will remember always. 

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