Sunday, October 13, 2013

{BIG REVEAL} Ivory + Beau

It is crazy to think this little dream of ours was first talked about last June while heading to St. Augustine, FL for the styled shoot shown below and that now this dream is a reality. It still doesn’t fully feel real, but it is. Here we are on a plane to New York City and this is real, 100% real and 100% happening.

So rewind back to the beginning... when I first moved to Savannah I got a part-time job at David’s Bridal and I worked there while being an assistant for Layla and continued to work there after purchasing SSE. At David’s Bridal I met Adrienna, a Fibers SCAD student from Ohio. About a year after working there she got a job at La’ren Belle and left David’s Bridal. For those of you who don’t know, La’ren Belle was another boutique in town. Lo and behold, La’ren Belle closed due to personal reasons and was shut down very quickly without much notice. Shortly after that Adrienna was re-hired for her position at David’s Bridal and talk began of re-opening the boutique.

I’m the kind of person who only needs one little seed. One little idea. And I’ll grow it. Into a tree most likely. Especially when I have someone who is as excited about it as Adrienna. I mean seriously this girl is amazing. She is just as hard of a worker as me and she dreams big, ya'll. So this little seed that Adrienna planted percolated for about one month until we decided let’s go for it. You only live once right? What do we have to lose? So we got down to work and said let’s try this. Let’s make this happen. 

Hours spent writing and designing a beautifully branded 30-page business plan that is filled with appendices, images, custom-made Kraft paper tabs and washi tape and we were approved for our loan on September 26th, 2013. I'm not kidding when I say it is a beautiful business plan... we may just have to share it with y'all later because it really is gorgeous. So with the approval of our loan, Ivory + Beau was born and now we are sitting on a plane to the big apple where we will be purchasing our inventory for the new shop, which will be located at 7302 Abercorn St. Suite #1B Savannah, GA 31406. And we could not be more excited!!!!!!!!!!!

So without further adieu, I’d like to introduce formally Adrienna, the mastermind behind this idea and my new business partner!! She has been working in the bridal industry for four years in boutiques, shops, and has her own small bridal and millinery accessories company, Ava Mae Designs. Originally from Ohio she now lives on the islands with her boyfriend and her cats. She loves cats. I mean really loves cats. That’s probably why we get along so well. I mean, let’s be real, I love cats too. Well, mostly just Tigger. Anyway, she is a total sweetheart and has been so amazing to work with! I don’t think I will ever cease to be amazed at the ridiculous ways she pronounces Savannah street names, or the organization of this lady. You guys are going to love her I Just know it.

Now for all of you are who are wondering, what does this mean for Simply Savannah Events?! Well, let me tell you…

The new boutique will be a wedding planning + bridal boutique that offers wedding planning packages and the bridal gown. We want to have a laid back, fun, and exciting environment for brides while shopping for their gown. No stuffy bridal shop here... we want every part of the wedding planning process to be amazzzzzzzing and whimsical and exciting and adventurous. We want to inspire brides when they walk into our store to push the limits and themselves outside of the box to find a beautiful dress that not every bride is wearing... something that truly shows their personality! We are excited for this ya'll... REAL excited.

Some changes you will notice around here:

1. Simply Savannah Events will now be part of Ivory + Beau, a wedding planning + bridal boutique. Our name will be changed everywhere! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

2. New website coming soon! Blog link will stay the same.

3. Instead of only getting posts from me, Adrienna will also be blogging, Facebooking, and Instagramming. Well, maybe not Instagramming. She likes to post pictures of cats. I told her that’s prohibited. Only on her personal Instagram... but I really can't talk since my feed is filled with Tigger...

NOW… Giveaway time!!! We are so excited to have reached over 1,500 followers on Facebook and as promised we would do a giveaway as soon as we reached that goal!!! So if you are a bride-to-be enter below!!! And if you're not a bride-to-be well... tell your friends who are brides-to-be to enter below!!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stay tuned for more details to come on the designers we choose to have in stock!! We cannot wait!

Last but not least, I just have to say thank you for all the support from friends, clients, vendors + family! This could not have happened without ya'll (especially clients!) Ya'll are the BEST. xo, Nicole Rene.

P.S. Huge shoutout to Rach Lea of Rach Lea Photography for taking the photos of us for our website at Southern Pine Co. and even huger shoutout to Lindsey Wirht for making us over!!

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