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{Guest Post} SIMPLY PLANNING: What to Consider When Planning a Wedding

Today I have a special guest post from Isabelle Riley, a freelance writer who works at Ballara Receptions in Australia! So here's an article from her on things to consider when planning a wedding plus since she is from Australia I figured it would be cool to add in some awesome Australian wedding inspiration with pictures all from Australia. Also... what's even more cool about this is that I have an Australian intern coming to shadow me for 2 weeks starting this Tuesday!! Come back tomorrow for an intro blog post on my shadow, also named Nicole! Anyway, hope you enjoy today's post, learn a few things about wedding planning + like always enjoy some wedding pretties!

What to Consider when planning a wedding

 Your wedding day is something most people dream off their whole lives. The dress, the ceremony, the flower arrangements, the reception; there is no doubt it is a huge day and this can place a lot of pressure on your relationship, not exactly the ideal situation to happen before the wedding!

Considering this, we have put together a few tips to keep in mind when planning your big day. First of all, take your time; it’s not a race. Sometimes you need to plan a wedding quickly and in those circumstances you have no choice, but if you don’t have a set date within the next 6 months, take your time with the planning and give yourself at least a year to plan everything out. This way you have time to plan and save up for all the things you really want! One of the first things you should plan is the number of guests, this will determine most of the other aspects of the day, most importantly the ceremony and reception locations. You don’t want to choose a place that is too big or you could lose the atmosphere; many locations offer a variety of rooms or the option to join rooms, like Ballara Receptions, so you have a few options when it comes to guest numbers.

Consider having a “first look” photo, this is photo that is taken before the big day starts; you organise with your photographer and fiance to meet in a scheduled place before the ceremony where you and your partner meet for the first time and have the whole thing recorded. It is probably the most honest moment to be captured on your wedding day, away from all the guests and expectations, it is quite a beautiful way to capture the emotions of the day.

 Next, try to let things go. Of course you want to organise the day like crazy, and most things will have to be organised because you are catering to so many people, but when there are moments that are slightly unplanned, don’t panic. Acknowledge that things will go wrong and be prepared to let them be.

Finally, if you can afford it, consider hiring a professional to help organise your big day. A lot of couple choose to do it themselves to help save on costs, but if money is no option, a professional could help reduce a lot of stress!

Thanks Isabelle for the post on wedding planning with tips! xo, Nicole Rene

{Photo Credits} Bride on Swing via 100 Layer Cake, photography by Feather and Stone // Horse via Feather and Stone // Bouquet via Style Me Pretty, photography by Life in Still // Ceremony Decor via Ruffled, photography by Erin and Tara // Cake Pops via Feather and Stone // Triangle Garland via 100 Layer Cake, photography by Byron Loves Fawn // Couple in Boat via 100 Layer Cake, photography by Debra Eby

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