Monday, September 9, 2013

SIMPLY PLANNING: The Dessert Table

So you want a really pretty dessert table but aren't a huge fan of being wasteful and spending money when you don't have to slash don't want to be left with tons of sweet treats to take home after the wedding because let's face it, you aren't prepared to be on a sugar high for the next month straight. Or you're like me who is one of those brides on a neverending diet because your wedding is in a really hot place + includes lots of pool time and therefore there is no way you want to take all those sweets home with you because if you're also like me then you know that means that you'll end up eating every single last treat. You think I'm kidding? I'm not. It happens all the time. Chris buys oreos. Chris eats 5 oreos. Nicole eats 25. Chris buys chocolate poptarts. Chris eats 1. Nicole eats 9. I'm not even kidding... but back to the lovely dessert table. Here's some ideas for how to have a really pretty spread with lots of different desserts without having way too much!

1. One and a half per person. Not all guests feel the need to try one of everything, or three of everything like me.. so it's important to remember that your dessert table does not by any means have to be filled with enough of each treat for everyone to enjoy a portion of every single thing. That being said, how do you best determine how much of each treat to provide for guests?? Well, I think a good rule of thumb is that there should be enough of every treat so that everyone can have one a half desserts. Because like I said some people might not eat any dessert where as others will have four or five so it works out nicely.

2. Smaller stands/dishes/etc.: I love the dessert tables that have mini cake stands with just a few treats on them. Or even those tall stemmed stands with lids + one cupcake? Adorable right?! Delicious? Of course. So then you get the pretty dessert spread without having an abundance of treats that don't get eaten!

3. Smaller cakes: If you want to have an assortment of desserts then there is no reason why your cake needs to feed every single person. Plus not everyone even likes cake. Crazy I know but it's actually true. So why not spend less money on your cake and more money on a gorgeous cake stand?! I have had my eyes on that jadeite one for quite a while now... Hmm...

I must say... I surprisingly am not craving any sweets right now. Maybe because I had my fair share of whoopie pies, cake pops, cupcakes + key lime tartlets from Delectable Designs at Lindsey + Leigh's wedding this past Saturday. No but really... delissssssh.

{Photo Credits} [Mini Treats] Cupcakes via Simply Savannah Events, photography by Alimond Photography // Coconut Bon Bons via Simply Savannah Events, photography by Izzy Hudgins // Coconut Macaroons via Simply Savannah Events, photography by Izzy Hudgins // Dessert Shooters via Simply Savannah Events, by Small Bites, photography by Andi Mans // Cookies via Simply Savannah Events, photography by Izzy Hudgins // Shortbread Cookies via Simply Savannah Events, by Sweet n Flour photography by Andi Mans // Cake Pops via Izzy Hudgins // Mini Pies via Simply Savannah Events, by Small Bites, photography by Andi Mans [Cakes] Cake with Bride, Groom + Dog Topper via Izzy Hudgins // Peach and White Cake via Simply Savannah Events, by Sweet n Flour, photography by Andi Mans // Rustic Chocolate Cake via Ruffled, photography by Danielle Capito // Cake with Cupcake + Feathers via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Katie Pritchard // Pink Cake via Ruffled, photography by EE Photo // Valentine's Day Cake via Simply Savannah Events, by Tier Luxury Cakes, photography by Izzy Hudgins // Little Dessert Table via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Firm Anchor [Cake Stands] Modern Vintage Catalina Blue Square Cake Stand via Macy's // French Pearl Pistachio Cake Stand via Macy's // Jadeite Plain Cake Stand via Bellacor // Godinger Florentine Dessert Bowls via Macy's // Martha Stewart Collection Pink Fluted Cake Stand with Dome via Macy's // Arbour Cake Stand via A+R // Swizzle Footed Cake Stand via One King's Lane // Martha Stewart Gold Ruffled Cake Stand via Macy's

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