Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NICOLE SQUARED: Australian Shadow

So I have some super exciting and kind of totally random news! Nicole of SSE is about to get Nicole Squared. Simply Savannah Events has an Australian shadow for 2 weeks who will be learning more about wedding planning and I could not be more excited! When Nicole contacted me awhile back I have to say I was a little surprised at the inquiry but felt like... well that's cool I've never heard of that happening before so I said of course she can come and be a shadow for a few weeks and now she's here! So I figured it'd be good to introduce her to those who are interested in the SSE world!! It will be so interesting to learn from her about her insight from the industry in Australia. And I must say... Australia wedding dress designers and maybe the best in the entire world... but really...

Where are you from: Perth, Western Australia

Why you wanted to job shadow me: I have always had a passion for organising and weddings so wedding planning seemed like such a perfect path for me. Unfortunately Australia doesn't have a large wedding planning industry so I thought this would be a great insight and learning opportunity for me.

What are your interests: I love things that are expressive: dancing, travelling, photography, reading

What you want for your future: To start my own destination wedding planning company in Perth. Loving my career and the contribution it has in my life.

What intrigues you about weddings: I'm intrigued by the beauty that is created, in all it's different ways and styles. One wedding to the next is so unique and wonderful. The final picture of all the hard work and the joy of creating it.

Thanks for sharing Nicole #2!! Let's hope she's okay with me calling her that. I must say it's really going to confuse me having another Nicole around. I mean that hasn't happened since well... never.

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