Friday, August 16, 2013

{Sneak Peek} SIMPLY 'TO BE' WED: Lauren + Ben's Wedding Invitations

I received a little box the other day in the mail with quite possibly the cutest wedding invitations I did ever set my eyes on. And I think it goes without saying that Lemon Tree Paper Co. is most definitely one of the most creative, fun, unique and just straight up amazing custom wedding invitation company ever. But seriously... when I opened up this little box of beautifulness I was in awe at how much detail and thought was put into these wedding invitations. I absolutely loved the use of different textures and fabrics from the burlap to the blush pink lace to the ivory lace to the white lace to the linen fabric with the "L+B" stitched on to the twine wrapping it up with a paper tag. I mean... these are just incredible. And I haven't even opened them yet. 

So just when you think that there is just no way it can get any better well... it does gets better. Every pocket on the inside is filled with even more paper goodness. The invitation itself is printed on gorgeous paper that has a rustic shabby chic pattern on the front. The handwritten fonts are just as amazing. The RSVP card is super fun with patterned dogs and cats, representing Lauren + Ben's pets and with custom printed stamps with a burlap patterned heart. On the back is a mad lib RSVP card for guests to fill out + return back. Their mad lib even features a place for guests to request songs. And we aren't even done yet... there is a rehearsal dinner invite with the cutest funnest names for it. "The Pre-'I Do' Rendezvous," "The Pre-Game Warm Up," "The Meal Before the Deal," or "The Matrimonial Tailgate." Love it all. I mean how stinking cute is that? These invites have so much detail that Keith + Sarah's nicknames ("K-Bro" and "Sar-Bear") are even on them. Then quite possibly my favorite part... well no that's not true because I don't think I could even attempt to pick a favorite part. But anyway, then there is a kraft paper postcard with information for the "Recovery Brunch" the day following the wedding. I mean... seriously this is just all too cute for words. Not really sure why I just even tried to describe the amazingness. So I guess now I'm going to shut up and let the pictures do the talking. And then when you're done doing that... go on over to Lemon Tree Paper Co. for more beautifulness. 

Adorable right!? Anyway, a little background on Lauren and Ben and their wedding. Lauren and Ben are a couple from California getting married at Friedman Farms in Dallas, Pennsylvania. When they e-mailed me I was beyond excited for the opportunity to work on a wedding outside of Savannah! But logistically speaking how was that even going to work? Well, I contacted Layla, the previous owner and current owner of All the Little Details Designs, who moved up to Northern New York and we teamed up to collaborate on their wedding. Make sure you go on over to Layla's blog and check out what she's been up to lately! And stay tuned for more from Lauren + Ben's wedding... if this is any hint of how their wedding will look then I would say it is going to look pretty freaking beautiful. Plus... from seeing Lauren through Google Chat... I have to say she looks a lot like Mila Kunis... 

Thank you Lauren and Ben for letting me share and for sending me one of these beauties!!! 

{Photo Credits} My iPhone // Invitations by Lemon Tree Paper Co.


  1. Have never seen anything like this invitation set! Incredible thought, effort, and detail!

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  3. Oh my! I had no idea this was posted - I was thrilled when a bride just emailed me inquiring based on this blog post. Thank you so much for the kind words! :) Lauren and Ben were an absolute dream to work with!

    1. Jill! That is so exciting!!! I am glad this helped get you some clients!!!!!! :) We absolutely LOVED these invitations. They were STUNNING.


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