Thursday, August 8, 2013

SIMPLY BRIDAL: Boudoir Session

Today's blog post is all about getting naked. Well... not completely. But mostly. Did I get your attention? Hopefully, I did. Sometimes I write these long blog posts and then I look back and say hmm... I wonder if anyone's even reading this? Well... today is about getting naked so you should probably most definitely read it even if you usually only stop by my blog for the pretty pictures. So... getting naked. Or in pretty photography terms... "boudoir." So today I got an e-mail about a new lingerie boutique opening up in Savannah, which is what inspired this blog post. Boudoir by Tiffany officially opens up next Tuesday with a grand opening party from 530-730pm. Miz Tiffany's shop has all sizes and even specializes in those hard to fit sizes, AAA to double J. She will be offering custom fittings and she has event space with a stripper pole (!!!!!!) for bachelorette parties!!!

Anyway, I hope that after you read my post on how awesome boudoir sessions are that you will feel inclined to come to the grand opening, if not to see the sexy lingerie then at least come by to see me! But no seriously, come and hang out and check it out! I know a lot of you brides are probably in the middle of planning your honeymoon or if you are a previous bride than I bet you are planning or should be planning something sexy for your anniversary. Anyway, there will be free door prizes and appetizers!!! Who doesn't love prizes and free food? Trust me when I say I love free food. For more information on the event check out their Facebook page and make sure you RSVP!!

So let's talk boudoir. Getting boudoir photos taken before your wedding is something I would highly recommend to all you ladies out there for several reasons... Hope you enjoy my reasons why + my tips and like always, some awesome inspiration (and don't worry... no nudity here ya'll.)

1. The first reason you should do it?!!? It's fun and empowering. How many other times are you gonna strut around in sexy lingerie while a photographer takes photos + tells you how amazing you look???? Well, okay maybe for you lingerie models out there it's an everyday occurrence.. But for us regular ladies, it is a serious confidence booster. My advice to help make it even more fun? Champagne + some fun upbeat music!!

2. Photographers know you aren't perfect. Those trouble areas you are scared about showing off? Well, for one... I guarantee your fiance/husband/whatever does not notice those even half as much as you do. And for two... helllloooo invention of PhotoShop. A good boudoir photographer will make you look airbrushed and fabulous in a totally non-fake/unrealistic way. My advice here is to pick a photographer you are completely comfortable with because you are about to get up close and personal with them. You need to make sure your photographer is someone you feel comfortable saying, "hey look at this squishy part... can you not be taking photos that highlight that!?" I would also suggest having a professional do your hair and makeup to get you to, what I like to call, your "maximum sexiness level." Knowing you look your best will help make you feel sexy + comfortable in front of the lenses.

3. Sexy photos doesn't necessarily mean baring all. I know for me personally there is just no way I could do that. Photographers are going to respect your limits. I mean, they better respect your limits. PLUS... there are so many fun ways you can be oh-so-totally sexy that doesn't include taking off all of your clothes. For example... how about a fur vest?? Or a sequin cover-up?!? Or even something as simple as your fiance's favorite shirt!?! Fun fun fun and sexy. I would highly suggest checking out The Knotty Bride for some outfit inspiration!

4. You don't have to be a size 2 to take awesome boudoir photos. This shoot is about you. Because who is your fiance/husband/whoever with? You. And if he really loves you then he loves all of you. No pun intended just being real with you. So I'm just going to repeat this again... pick out something you feel comfortable in! It's going to be much easier to put on your sexy face when you are feeling comfortable. And I mean aren't we our prettiest selves when we are completely comfortable in our own skin?! Yes duh.

5. Use it as a chance to get creative! I am all about doing things differently around here. So why not unleash your inner Pocahontas??? Or I don't know... maybe a character your fiance really likes... Star Wars boudoir anyone?? And now I know what you're thinking and the answer is no, Chris is not a Princess Leia lover... If you do something fun themed it makes an awesome gift you can give to your man for an engagement present or maybe even on the day of the wedding to get him excited for the honeymoon!! 

So... now that you've read my reasons + advice on boudoir shoots... what are your thoughts? Have you done one?! Any tips for other ladies out there thinking of doing one for their man? And now for all you ladies who are now convinced to do one... come hang out with me next Tuesday at Boudoir by Tiffany at 2405 Bull St next to Back in the Day Bakery! I am so excited to check out the new shop!!!

xoxo, Nicole Rene 

{Photo Credits} Floral Halo via Style Me Pretty, photography by Laura Murray // Boudoir in Tank Top via The Knotty Bride, photography by Mike Arick // Boudoir with Veil via The Knotty Bride, photography by The Boudoir Divas // Valentine's Day Boudoir via The Knotty Bride, photography by The Boudoir Divas // Bohemian Feathers Boudoir via The Knotty Bride, photography by Chelsea Maras

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