Thursday, August 22, 2013

{REAL WEDDING} Katy + Drew

I first am going to start off this post with this: I woke up at 3:14am in the morning. Most likely because I've been going to bed at 2am lately since I've been staying up late working on my crafting assembly lines for upcoming weddings but last night I fell asleep at 9:30pm... Anyway, instead of most normal sane people who would probably try to go back to sleep when they wake up that early, I decided it was a great chance to catch up on some blogging. So if for some reason I come off a little delirious... well it's because I truly am. And now that's it's 8:19am and I'm writing this I am getting very close to dozing off finally. Now I'd like to say one more thing before my shpeal about the wedding. Hm, shpeal? Isn't that a word? Hmm.. speal? Ohhh, googled it. SPIEL Oh my. So anyway, I met Izzy hmmm... well honestly I can't even remember. Probably in 2011??? Whatever, doesn't matter. I've known her for awhile now. And all I have to say is... gingers are the COOLEST people in the entire world. Well, and that when I get to work with Izzy at a wedding or a styled shoot well I just know it's going to be absolutely amazing. She has this crazy good sense of style, an amazing eye for details, and she's just straight up talented. So when Katy approached me about a Day Of package for her wedding at the Southern Pine Company with Izzy Hudgins as the photographer you can bet I was beyond excited. One of the coolest venues in town PLUS Izzy!? You just know it's going to be a good one at that point. 

Well, like a lot of things in my life lately (knock on wood) it got better. Not only was this wedding at one of the coolest venues in town PLUS Izzy was shooting it but also... this wedding is the first ever wedding to happen at Southern Pine Co. And theeeeeeeen, something even more cool happened. The bride tells me they are having an airstream as the bar. So basically Katy designed the coolest wedding ever and I am just so thankful I got to be a part of the awesomeness that embodies not just this wedding but this couple. They are so down to earth, so sweet, so charming, sooo fun and their friends and families are too. I can honestly say that I have never been so entertained watching people dance at a wedding as I was at theirs. This group of people was seriously fun. I think I have a video somewhere on my cellular because at one point someone grabbed a chair from the reception area and decided they needed to lift up Katy on it while dancing to some crazy song!? Then they lifted up Drew.. then the mom... then the dad... Hil-arrrr-ious. DJ Jeff Hitman and I were extremely entertained I must say. 

Madame Chrysanthemum made the gorgeous bouquets and boutonnieres and Katy bought the orchids and succulents for the tables. She also DIYed the painted bamboo flatware, her glitter heels, and the stationary. The terrarium is actually an afterthought. That guy sits in our living room right now but at the rehearsal when I saw all the decor she was using I just knew it would be perfect. The ceremony backdrop was made from pink tissue poms (which actually to this day are sitting in my office closet.. hmmm, wonder if I could use those for any weddings coming up...) and the ceremony music was acoustic guitar played by Sean Driscoll of The Story Ship. The food was provided by Johnny Baker and was absolutely some of the best food I have ever tasted. There were two bars.... one in the cool shed/shack + the other in the airstream, both set up by Charlie Ganem and Sons. Rentals were provided by Savannah Special Events. All in all it was a great wedding and now enough of me talking. Check out all the pretties by Izzy!! And thank you Katy + Drew for having me be apart of your wedding and congratulations!! 

{Vendor Love} Photography: Izzy Hudgins // Coordination: Simply Savannah Events // Venue: Southern Pine Company // Bouquets + Boutonnieres: Madame Chrysanthemum // Centerpieces: Purchased by Couple // Cake Table Flowers: Bride's Sister // Hair Stylist: Danette Jackson // Caterer: Johnny Baker // Bartender: Charlie Ganem & Sons // DJ: Hitman Jeff // Dress: BHLDN // Bridesmaids Dresses: BHLDN // Rentals: Savannah Special Events 

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