Friday, May 17, 2013

SIMPLY BRIDAL: Tone It Up Bridal

Oh my gosh ya'll. I hurt. I mean like really really really bad. Like REALLY BAD. Like SO SO SO BAD. Like so bad it hurts to SIT. It hurts to WALK. It hurts to just BE AWAKE. No for real. Okay, maybe it's just like that for me because I took a break from working out. See I'm kind of like that. I'll go on a workout binge, so to say, where I work out super intense everyday, get back to my happy size + shape then I'm like okay, I'm good for a few weeks. Then I'll start it all over again. Needless to say starting my workout binge again right before going on a vacation and having to sit on a 6 hour flight and then having to walk around crowded airports luging all my carry-on bags was probably the worst idea ever. But hey, we can't all be smart all the time, right?

Anyway, my friend, Felicia, shared this with me the other day on my Facebook page and I checked it out, tried it, died a little... but I guess it feels so good after right? I mean so bad? I mean ouch. So I just had to share this with all you brides, bridesmaids, females, anyone really that wants a little kick in the butt to jumpstart their fitness or wants to get back into shape for an event... say a wedding... I'm sure some of you have already heard about these girls, probably on Pinterest, or Facebook, or somewhere... I mean they really are pretty amazing at marketing themselves online. I've seen their stuff for some while now and have been telling myself, alright next workout binge I'll try that out. And try I did. And die I did. Haha, well not really but kind of. I just dropped my room key on the floor and when leaning over to pick it up I literally groaned it hurt so bad. I mean this is embarrassing and awkward and at moments like this I am so God gave me a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at myself.

So now it's your turn to try. The thing I think I love most about this workout is that 1.) you can do it in the comfort of your own home; 2.) you can watch Revenge, Shameless, Modern Family or whatever other TV show you have been meaning to catch up on and it doesn't take too much brain power so you can focus on the show; 3.) no cardio? heck yes. cardio is my least favorite ever, unless I'm doing Zumba... So I challenge all you brides, bridesmaids, females out there. And then please don't make fun of me since I am obviously out of shape and this probably won't hurt anywhere near as much for some of you out there... but still... it's a great workout either way. AND at least I have an excuse for why it hurts so bad... my excuse is I was like oh this is an easy workout, I'll do 3 reps of 30 for each workout. And so I did. And so I hurt. Hurts real bad. Anyway, click here for the full workout!

Anybody hurt as bad as me?? Next up for me to try?? The Wedding Slimdown by Tone It Up. I'll report back. Probably in even more pain to be honest. But beauty is pain eh? So uhhh happy workout brides to be!

{Photo Credits} Tone It Up // Tone It Up [Disclaimer: this is not an endorsed post... just one of those things I felt like it was best to share. Share the pain right?]

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