Monday, April 22, 2013

{MAKING THINGS HAPPEN} Progress Not Perfection #2

Life is too short... to rush into things.
Life is too short... to work yourself to death.
Life is too short... to let regret rule your thoughts.
Life is too short... to let your mistakes make you doubt yourself.
Life is too short... to not follow your core.
Life is too short... to push God out of your life when He wants in so bad.

Progress not perfection. This thought was repeated many times at the Making Things Happen Conference this last spring. And I didn't really "believe" or "understand" that concept until a co-worker said something to me today. An older lady at my part-time job and I were talking about the concept of "bridezillas." And I said that I think the idea of a bridezilla comes from television perpetuating that this kind of behavior is alright or acceptable. Well, she had a different idea. She said that our society and our age group these days are taught from a young age that we can have and be whatever we want. And it's so true, well for me at least. My dad always told me that if I work hard I can have and be whatever I want. But she said that so many people seem to forget or not emphasize the work hard part... that to have and be whatever you want you also have to work hard. And not just hard, but I mean really really hard. And it's not going to be easy. It's going to be really really hard at times. And you are going to fail. But that doesn't mean you should give up. It just means you gotta keep working really really hard. And you gotta learn from all your mistakes and make yourself better. You gotta put in the hard work to succeed.

Now that being said... let's rewind a little bit. When I came home from Making Things Happen I was so happy. Genuinely happy. I started appreciating the little things, walking my dog in the morning, journaling, reading Bible verses while drinking my morning coffee with vanilla, blogging before spending hours e-mailing, getting all my e-mails done before doing anything else, getting "off" at 4pm just in time to make dinner for my man, relaxing after work and watching TV while we unwind. But I got lost somewhere. I let fear of failure overcome me. I let worry overcome me too. I forgot that there is a reason I am where I am in life. I forgot that I can be happy at this place that I am in my life. I forgot my core, the reason that I am doing what I'm doing. I forgot that place. And it's time to get back to that place again. Because that place is a better place. That is a place that I want to be in, because that is the place where my work will thrive because that is the place where I will be working from my core. And that is the place where I can live a full life.

I love reading Lara Casey's blog because it's so empowering and encouraging. And today I came to this post and I felt myself nodding along to every single sentence, because that's where I'm at lately. But this is not permanent because I will not let it be permanent. Tomorrow I will do something. Something that I love to do. Something that I am passionate about. Something that will bring me back to my core. Something that makes me happy and lights my heart on fire. What is that you ask? It's a surprise and if all goes according to plan I'll post some pictures of it tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing coming tomorrow... Part 2 of I'm Engaged, now what!?!?! Trust me you will want to check in for this one!!!!! It's all about the "B" word...............

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