Friday, March 22, 2013


A few days ago I saw this really cute picture of a flower girl walking down the aisle with these huge balloons. And when she got to the altar she gave them to the bride and groom and they released them into the air. I don't know if there was any significance behind this but it reminded me of a Desperate Housewives episode where Gabriella lost her baby and was meeting with this strange guy in a field (I obviously can't remember all the details of the episode) but anyway this weird strange guy gives Gabriella a balloon and tells her to release it to the Heavens and let go of her hurt. I think I remember this because I cried... most likely cried lots.

Another thing that happened recently, while talking to my dad on the phone, he told me that while out at the golf course he saw a rainbow. And to me and my family rainbows are something that are very symbolic of my mother, who passed away at age 36. I haven't heard the story recently so I might be getting this all jumbled up, but from what I remember, after my mom's funeral my dad and family saw a circular rainbow in the sky with doves flying around and ever since it's been a sign to us that she is watching down on us. So, the combination of seeing this picture of the balloons, my dad telling me about the rainbow, and this random thought about Gloria on Desperate Housewives got me to thinking about wedding ceremonies and ways that brides and grooms honor their lost relatives during their weddings. And I have to say I think that a balloon release once at the altar would be so meaningful and symbolic. And to make it even more special I think what would be so special would be to write a handwritten note to them and tie it to the end of the garland with pretty little twine. What better way to send them a love note on your wedding day than by physically letting God take it up there to them? 

What are some ways you've seen couples honor loved ones? If you are engaged and planning your wedding, how do you plan to honor your loved ones if you are doing anything at all? I would love your feedback!!!

P.S. On a total side note, I actually recently met Star, a local business woman, who makes these huge balloons and garlands for weddings and events! She was super sweet, so if you do happen to be interested in doing something like this for your wedding or if you just want some really freaking huge balloons for decor... check out Art Pop Balloons! Total random afterthought there...

Love you mom!

{Photo Credits} Balloons with Garlands via Geronimo Balloons

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  1. My mom and dad both passed and I got a charm from Jewel Kade with their photo on it, for my bouquet. Although, the balloon release is a really fun idea!


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